ACNE coming in so hot

So much brand love for ACNE right now. Their 2013 Resort collection eludes to a too cool for school heroine, who can throw on oversized clothes, prints that rival Biggie’s sweater choices, and out of control cool shoes, without even trying. And then, snap, all the girls wanna be her.

Purple dolla dolla bills and wet hair? Combo made in heaven.

That white leather jacket just brought a tear to my eye. SO PERFECT.

The new arrivals on their site are equally suave. My current fashion mantra has been to ‘get back to the basics’. Working in a used clothing store has consequently filled my wardrobe with outrageous retro and vintage finds that I could probably just put up on my wall and call art. Acne manages to still be outrageous, but in the most wearable way. My favorite pieces are fairly basic, yet maintain a unique twist that will still add to my constant need to stay bold in my fashion choices.

The most perfect oversized grandpa sweater.

Fact: I can NEVER own too many denim jackets.

Sheer blouses are not going outta trend anytime soon, peoples.

Daydreaming about the hundreds of ways I could wear that chunky knit sweater…the possibilities are endless.

GORG dress for all my party needs.

Could yellow be the new tangerine?

I love a good collar.

Ok, I don’t really wear brown, but is that even brown?! It’s like an orange caramel color of my not so brown dreams.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but head over to their ‘Small Leather Goods’ section….low and behold, I found the perfect laptop case i’ve been hunting for!


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