Let The Games Begin

THE OLYMPICS HAVE ARRIVED!!! Every time I watch, I’m always inspired to start a new sport…or join a gym. I’ll never forget watching the USA girls gymnastics team in 1996 and then seriously pretending logs were balance beams and reading Dominique Moceanu’s biography.

This year it’s in, yes you heard it right, my hometown!! I was born in London and I am so proud to see the games come together in such an amazing city. While everyone here in the USA will be supporting their team, I will be cheering for good old England. Luckily their flag colors are the same, so I won’t get into too much trouble. We have so many shoe options for all your Olympic party needs:

Unif Hellraiser

Wildfox X Jeffrey Campbell Lonestar

Jeffrey Campbell Venice Hi

The opening ceremony looked so major!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

The Queen looked so good in head to toe peach!


Becks arrived in a boat, classy son of a bitch.

Where do I get one of those, SERIOUSLY.

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