2011 MEET 2012


1. Launch more lesser known brands.

2. Work on our offering and assortment for guys.

3. Introduce more VIP limited editions, collabos, and presale shoes.

4. Higher/Crazier/Dirtier Wedges and ore Platforms.

5. Get our site ready for NEXT black friday. (Scares me even typing that one.)

6. Feel bad for other sites who don’t have amazing clients like we do.

I wanted to draft a short thank you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR note to all of you, our friends, clients and fans. But before I get ahead of myself, I actually want to thank you for making 2011 an insane year here at the shoe obsessed, often insanely busy, Solestruck Head Quarters. This year has blown our expectations in both fun, growth, success and discovery. Thanks to all of our clients and friends who have stuck by us as we continue towards our goal, and girl, you know what that is….TO RID THE WORLD OF UGLY SHOES ONE PAIR AT A TIME. Without feedback and comments, advice and emails from our friends and fans, we would not be where we are today. With that said, and before I open a bottle of wine at 1pm, I will just say—we are going to freakin’ blow your mind in 2012. So I raise my glass, it’s water I swear this time, here is to a new year, higher wedges, crazier shoes, deserved happiness, health and a freakin’ serious makeout at midnight tomorrow. Thanks again. CHEERS!

XX Yours,

Team Solestruck.