2012′s been a crazy little ride and while taking a look back, it blows my mind to see how far we’ve come over this past year. We’ve gone all over the world, seen a lot of crazy shizz, DONE a lot of crazy shizz, and really started to find ourselves in the process (Cliche I know, blah blah, but it’s damn true!) Let’s fire up the Dolorean and take a look back at the past year with 10 major happenings:

Solestruck Instagram

We got real social in the beginning of 2012. We opened our sheltered bitty eyes to the many social and sharing networks the interwebs/ apple had to offer. We started it off right with Instagram, showing the world our stalker abilities with people watching photos, shoes galore, on the foots, and a private peek into where the magic happens.

Solestruck Tumblr

Tumblr. Ohhhhh, Tumblr. What a fucked up place you are, but man, we love it! This is where 90% of our daily inspiration, hysterical cry-laughing, and “OH-MY-GOD WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST LOOK AT” moments come from. Also, pretty sure I’m desensitized to absolutely everything now, but like any true addiction- we just can’t get enough!

Solestruck Polyvore

We also pumped up our Polyvore in 2012! This, too, is a dangerous place, but more so financially. When creating your dream outfits, it’s hard not to do a little bit of retail therapy on the side. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re visual people, and what better way to really show off the best way to wear a 6 inch platform or cutout sandal than with a full on outfit mock up. To say the least, this is another one we can’t get away from.


Another site we busted into was This is like Polvore 2.0, because instead of just dreaming up outfits, we get to actually SHOW you what we’re made of! With the help of model Lavenda Memory, and photog Nicolas Wilson, we get to strut our street style with some of the best.

In February (Always be fashionably late!), we hosted our very first Holiday party at Union/Pine, complete with Kareoke, ping pong, and of course.. THE TY-TINI, our special drink created by our Creative Directer, Ty. The first part was just for the Solestruck crew, but after dinner we opened the doors to all our favorites of Portland, and boy can they get down! It was definitely a party to rival our flagship store’s grand opening- and that’s saying a lot.

View the ON THE ROAD lookbook

Our biggest lookbook ever, ON THE ROAD, launched in 2012 and man, was it an experience! We road tripped it from Vegas to Sacramento, from Sac town to LA, made a pit stop in Yuba City, and made the long trek home to Portland and documented our travels all along the way. We teamed up with bloggers and photographers all around the west coat to give you our style guide of each city we stopped in. Now we’re itching for another one!

View the Soletrain lookbook

In April, we drove our asses to Seattle to host a launch party of Dolce Vita’s diffusion line DV8. Hands down, one of the best nights of 2012. Seattle peeps can really get cray, especially when you’re partying in a place called the Oriental Express, which is comprised of connected train cars named after different cities Did we mention there were also giant fish tanks and karaoke rooms? Are you seeing a pattern? While hosting this shindig, we also shot the DV8 inaugural lookbook with team DV! So. much. fun.

Shop Jeffrey Campbell x Black Milk shoes

I can’t even with this one. You bitches are CRAZY with the Black Milk. You cried over the news of a collab in the works, you bombarded us with spy-like intel, and when it finally hit- YOU NOMMED US TO FRICKIN’ DEATH. In minutes. Despite the insanity, we were so lucky to have the exclusive on the collabo of the year! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this one..

We launched PayPal on our website! Big moment for us, guys, and for the international customers more importantly! So naturally, we celebrated with a cake.

And another cake to commemorate the launch of our brand new WEBSITE! We really like cake. This has been in the making for awhile now, and finally we got to have our slick new facelift out in public. Complete with new product pages, better search options, and just an overall feeling of clean, minimal, and most importantly- NEW.

Solestruck Mens Tumblr / Mens / HOME.BOY. Video

In June, we hired a little fella called Henry. Henry is the driving force behind Solestruck Mens, our mens department! We love the lads, and it’s about time we ramped up our game in the mens shoe game, so thus it was done! We brought our A game by getting in tons of new mens brands and styles, spreading our social butterfly wings again for the boys, and launching our first ever BOYS ONLY lookbook, HOME.BOY. Get ready babes, cause this is just the beginning.

Read the mag / Buy the mag

A major milestone for us was FIRST TIME, our very first magazine! You know we hate to be like the rest, and to really set ourselves apart (as well as giving us a great creative outlet) we decided to launch a mag- one that was focused on everything but the shoes. This wasn’t a lookbook, it wasn’t a catalog, for us it was a notebook of everything we love from some of the coolest peeps around the world.

To celebrate, we hosted an exclusive launch party here in Portland with all the special guys and gals that made it possible. DJ Rev Shines, gallons o’ booze, gift bags complete with FIRST TIME condoms, and naturally- balloons with all our personal “first time” experiences on them. When we say “Ain’t no party like a Solestruck party”- WE MEAN IT.

No sleep til.. was a 4 day event that truly encapsulated 2012 for us. The name really said it all, because none of us had any concept of sleep before/during/after this 4 day weekend of fashion and flat out FUN. Truly, as crazy as it was, this was my favorite part of 2012; we really did it up this time and gave back to “the fans”. For the first time ever, we had a sample sale. Over 800 pairs of shoes compiled over a year span priced at $20-$100. If you think the Black Milk launch was crazy.. you should have been here. We had another first; we had a fashion show; Deja Vu. Held at a seedy warehouse in the industrial area of Portland, we showcased 4 amazing designers and got a front viewing of YACHT live. It was major and without a doubt, one of the most incredibly proud moments of the year.

Super duper exciting! We moved into a new office!! It’s twice as big as the last one and we are real happy here! As you can see..

As a thank you to all of our 100k Facebook fans, we held an out of this world sale! 4 days of discounts and power hour, and man were we tired! But it was worth it, and you guys scored some real good deals!

It’s no surprise to find someone in a Lita these days, I mean they’re probably one of the most worn/photographed shoes of 2012, but our jaws hit the floor when the Hoff-man himself was sporting a man lita; a glitter man lita at that! I can now die happy.

We did it, guys, but it couldn’t have been done without each and everyone one of you! We can’t thank you enough for helping us grow and learn through 2012. Now let’s make 2013 even better!

  • k6ps

    The mens department did start to develop in 2012. I hope that it really is The Beginning.

    • Shelley

      It definitely is! We want our boys to be well taken care of.

  • Laura Ashton Barry

    I love what solestruck stock and the direction of it. It’s giving a whole new voice to people who don’t want to dress entirely in what’s featured in cosmopolitan! It’s more individual.