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As some of you know, a few months ago, we launched our sister site FORTYEIGHT. The Concept is simple really. She keeps it cute. She keeps it hella quick, and she keeps it on lock. What does this mean? 48 hours of shoe insanity, served up at deeply discounted prices from brands you are already obsessed with, or that you should know about if you aren’t. The team from FORTYEIGHT isn’t just giving you a pile of shoe rejects, a la TJ MAXX 1999, no mam, no mam! The selection is currated by the team FORTYEIGHT buyers and stylists,  for a fashion forward client who loves styling with amazing and iconic footwear pieces. I am writing today to let you know that we are working in tandem with FORTYEIGHT this month for the LARGEST FLASH SALE EVENT in our history. I cannot give out all the details yet, (boss man told me to zip it! RUDE!) but I will tell you that you are NOT going to want to miss this two day event. More info soon but why chance missing it, sign up here: SIGN IN. Trust me on this one, Guys, girls, kittens and moms, you are NOT going to want to miss what is about to drop on FORTYEIGHT this May.

In the meantime, and for more info about the upcoming event, check out the FORTYEIGHT BLOG.

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