We pride ourselves on finding the coolest, undiscovered brands all over the globe to make sure you babes have the most unique selection of shoes that there possibly could be, and the new kid on the indie block is Barcelona based shoe brand, 5:AM. Their first collection was made with sustainability and respect for nature in mind, using materials like organic certified cotton, cork, natural rubber, veg tan leathers, and european cowhides. The collection, however, reflects a very unique perspective on footwear and design, which is exactly why we snatched it right up!


Designers take inspiration from all over the world and 5:AM is no exception; each shoe from the collection was based on the city that served as their source of inspiration:


Being based in Barcelona, it was the most natural city to draw inspiration from. As said by 5:AM, they walk these streets every day and the need to create a stylish, all-purpose shoe was the perfect jumping off point. Partially sporty, partially formal – the Barcelona sandals have definitely achieved their all-purpose intentions.


Every summer, thousands of people from all over the globe peregrinate to the island of Ibiza, and whether you’re dancing at its famous discotecas, relaxing by the beach, or having a cocktail at one of its charming terrazas, you’ll be superlative with your sand-coloured Ibiza shoes. They were made for it!


London is incredibly vast and has had so much influence on fashion as a whole, it’s hard to encapsulate all of that into one shoe, but somehow 5:AM has managed to do it right! They wanted a style that had as much of a strong identity as the British capital itself and would be able to resonate with punks and eccentrics alike, all the while staying elegant and true to the brand.


For the New York, they wanted to create a style that could be as iconic as the big apple itself, and could collect the spirit of New York’s multiple underground movements. Much like the London, it was all about taking that culture and creating something that makes sense – what makes more sense for New York than a chunky black boot?


Tokyo is the perfect place to forget about occidental approach to apparel, for example, by buying compulsively in Ginza. In Japan, they have a unique sense of aesthetics and they know how to have fun exploring fantasy in the way they dress. 5:AM wanted to capture such energy in a pair of playful shoes with an eccentric twist and they’ve certainly done it!