$10 Cup of COFFEE!?!

Recently, my aunt told me about an article she read in the New Yorker about a woman named Aida from El Salvador who is bustin’ up the coffee business with her extremely delicious and pricey roasts.  The New Yorker even dubs her as the newest coffee celebrity.  Since I just married a lovely, extremely handsome man from El Salvador and having just traveled there for Semana Santa (Latin America’s version of spring break but oh so much better) last year I had to check this out.  Luckily, Aida selectively chose Stumptown to roast her coffee and conveniently there is a Stumptown Roasters that resides on the ground floor in the trendy Ace Hotel, a mere two blocks away from the Solestruck Flagship Store, so, before work today Jorge and I went to get some $$$ brew and munch.

I sprung for the El Salvador Kilimanjaro which was $5.50 for an 8oz cup or $28 for a 12oz bag.  I thought that was a ton to pay until I took my first sip and fully and completely fell in love with Aida without even knowing her.

And Jorge, being so Jorge, chose the El Salvador Aida’s Grand Reserve which is $10 dollars for an 8oz cup or $60 for a 12oz bag. WHAT?!

Awwww look, a 10 dollar cup of coffee does do wonders for the soul.  IT WAS SO GOOOOOOOOD.

It took longer than expected to brew the coffee, as Stumptown does it all by hand in a glass carafe, so we ended up losing track of time and jetting back to the store to open it up!

When we got back I noticed this beautiful stamp on our cups and reveled in the beauty of the postcards they gave away.

So all in all, Stumptown did it again, bringing me the best of El Salvador to my chilly hometown of Portland, my lovely husband and some of the best coffee in the world.  Thank you Stumptown and Aida, you are truly legendary in my book.