80%20 Creator and style champ Ce Ce Chin is featured in Refinery 29.

Unless you were born a Rockefeller, invested heavily in Google, ride the rent-control train, or still crash at your parent’s house, you’ve experienced the whole NYC cramped living situation. But sometimes good things come in small packages, as evidenced by Ce Ce Chin, whose Chinatown studio is tiny but still packs a huge punch–Much like her shoe collection, the highly coveted and street visbile 80%20.  Refinery 29 recently did a lifestyle profile on CeCe and we thought you might like to see it–HERE! We know you love her shoes, her signature quirk that often times rests just beneath a hidden wedge or a bold print. Get to know the muse behind the brand—and stay tuned here as we launch more 80%20 for Spring ’11.