A blog in three parts. For WYNNers only. " "

1. The Wynn Hotel. A Las Vegas hot bed of people from the Midwest and France spending their kids’ college funds while sipping on pina coladas, which are for some reason, served inside a giant yard-stick-sized Eiffel tower adult sippy cup.

2. A creepy but albeit amazing Photo of Steve Wynn. Wynn, as  wikipedia defines, is not only the 468th richest person in the world, but also largely responsible for the resurgence of  Las Vegas, and owner/creator of  hotels like the MIRAGE, ENCORE and of course the Wynn.

3. The WYNN buckle pump by Jeffrey Campbell. Who cares if it’s Thursday, everyday is Friday night in this hot-lil-numba! Get into the WYNN and feel like a Vegas Show Girl as the metallic silver and black heel make you feel like you just got let into the VIP corner of the PALMS roof deck. You know what they say, great shoes open doors.