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Based in Berlin, and the brainchild of internet  power babes Bonnie Strange and  Lena Nußbaum, the shop boasts nothing more than the simple fact of being mind-blowingly bad ass. Stocking some of our favorite street brands, we love the line up—but in all honesty, it’s their house label that has us clawing at our computer screens. If I do not get this IT’S A GIRL pull over ASAP Shit is about to get real crazy up in here. THE SHIT SHOP is, well, THE SHIT.

Located on  Rückerstr. 10 in the always pumping Mitte district, the shop  provides fabulous hot young designer labels (some of them unavailable in any other German stores), and as we mentioned, our obsesh, Bonnies own line “THE SHIT”.  Combine their cheeky vibe,  the sounds of trashy music, girls bustling about in pretty dresses and 60′s inspired sunnies to help you with any shopping or styling request, comfy couches to enjoy a glass of champagne on, and of course, the awesomeness of Berlin all around–and you pretty much have our dream shopping destination. Here are our favorite pieces and I can’t wait to style these comfy fall pieces  my favorite with my current dream shoe!

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