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[Essie Golden of Golden Kaleidoscope in the Jennifer Chou Carmelo]

Essie Golden has been a client of ours for sometime now. And we have seen her blog around the office, often promoting shoes she picked up on the site, or simply highlighting her own take on street style that we love. Plain and simple, the Brooklyn based babe has it. Her confidence and beauty is something we’ve always loved as a blogger. Last week when we #regrammed her as part of our #solestruckfanregram program we were both shocked and then at once relieved when we saw the responses and comments. Initially the #regram we posted drew criticism and negativity in regards to Golden’s “Health/Size.”  As this happened, we at the office, we’re all in agreement that it was not only uncalled for, but also simply rude. Before we could comment, block or delete–a band of supporters had taken to our instagram feed in support of Golden. Not simply in support of  plus sized women, body positivity, or healthy lifestyle—but also in loud support of PERSONAL STYLE. I have no issue saying, we #regrammed Golden because we love her style, her styling of the shoe in question, and her sense of confidence–but we also loved the sea of our followers speaking out about paying positivity forward and celebrating other fashionistas and women. One glance at her blog, and you can tell this women is all about keeping it positive, celebrating her freaking rad life, and holding onto her friendships and loved ones—no matter what size they come in. Essie—we love you.


  • Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

    I am so happy in the direction that you are moving in!
    Body diversity is KEY. I love to see people who support women and men of all sizes. I will make sure to patronize you at least 5 times a month at that because you did something that most wouldn’t do! I will also include you in my blog solestruck!
    Model looks amazing!!
    First purchase is: LACHANCE!!!

  • Toi Chanel

    I’m am happy to see a company stand behind there clients no matter what body type. People are beautiful no matter what size they are. I think Essie is gorgeous and I live her style!!! Props to you SoleStruck for standing up to the hate!

  • Ashaunté

    Solestruck, thank you so much for this post! It is great to see a site that I love dearly feature women that have a “health size” body like me. Ms. Golden is truly what I am striving to be as far as a stylist/fashion figure/budding shoe collector, and the fact that you all chose to feature her is just great. This, on top of the fact that the curvy set just made history at NYFW, shows the progress that is being made to bring out the true definition of body image. Again, thank you Essie. Thank you Solestruck. Maybe you can throw a full campaign her way (WINK WINK)

    Let me add that those shoes are everything! I am saving up for the neon yellow pair now.

  • Essie Golden

    Thank you solestruck f