Polish blogger Alice Point is a go to for street fashion pics, Rock and Rock chic, and serves as an emerging voice of fashion and style out of Eastern Europe. Her blog has continued to grow and evolve–becoming a go-to for our entire staff and for fashionistas globally. We recently partnered¬† with the Cracow based blogger on a Sam Edelman collabo–featuring the wood based and rocka and roll inspired fall look from Edelman. Styled to perfection, Alice Point layers up fhe FALKEN in grey with opaque tights, cut-offs and mix proportion tops and shredded cardigan layers. She tops off the look with her signature red lipstick–always perfect against her porcelin like skin.

Our creative team had a chance to sit with Alice Point to dish on fashion, style, Poland, trends and all things NOW. Check the below interview and, of course, check her blog for more inspiration at ENJOY.

Q: Alice thank you so much for working with us on this project! How is your Fall going so far in Poland? What are you planning on wearing as temperatures dip lower for the coming months?

ALICEPOINT- It’s pleasure for me too:) Fall in Poland is awful, most of the time it is raining and it’s getting colder and colder already. The main point of my fall outfits is to adopt summer clothes into warmer/fall versions. For example shorts with black
warm tights, or biker jackets layered with warm sweater. Being serious, I hate polish weather.

Q: Who is your style inspiration?
ALICE POINT: Can’t say one person. I’m mostly inspired by fashion blogs. Apart from that by music, clips from the 80′s, fashionshows, campaigns & magazines (which in fact we can see in the internet on fashion blogs) and people around me.
Q: In a nutshell what would you say is your overall look?
ALICE POINT: Shoes, mostly wedges, cross necklaces, very short bottoms and red lipstick.

Q: How did you get started blogging? What is the main focus of your blog?

ALICE POINT: I started blogging two years ago. Before that I had been following fashion blogs from all over the world, I was really fascinated by them. And then one day I resolved to start my own blog. I think the main focus of my blog is thepictures andjust my style. But this question should be rather given to my readers, not to me;)

Q: Who are your current celebrity crushes?
ALICE POINT: Alexa Chung, Abbey Lee, Ashley Olsen, early Madonna.
Q If we were to come to Poland, where would you take us and why?

ALICE POINT: I would definately take you to Cracow. It’s the most beautiful city in Poland with specific atmosphere and best parties:)

Q: What shoe label are you obsessing over at the moment?

ALICEPOINT: Jeffrey Campbell & Sam Edelman :)

Get the SAM EDELAMN and ALICE POINT look by checking out the FALKEN and all the other Sam Edelman HERE. We are expecting many new arrivals from the highly coveted Sam Edelman collection this month–so stay on top of it by keep your eye on our new arrivals! A special thanks to ALICE POINT for her work on this collabo!