All About Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog LogoJust over 10 years ago, a speedy little South California dog gave his nickname to a newly formed sandal company. Today, that Rocket Dog line also includes sporty casuals, dress shoes, boots and flats, and Solestruck carries one of the widest selections you’ll find anywhere on the net.

The brains behind Rocket Dog shoes entered the business with 40 years of collective designing experience. The company debuted with a youthful, cork-bottomed shoe that was named Number One that season, and was quickly followed by a full range of trendy footwear.

Hip, edgy and confident are just of the few of the words that stylesetters use to describe Rocket Dog’s newest releases. The brand is internationally recognized for a look that’s synonymous with an independent personality and a serious focus on free-spirited style.

Wedges and skimmers are especially hot this season, as well as the ever-present flip flops. Check out these great Rocket Dog styles, available now at Solestruck (click on a shoe to see details):

Rocket Dog Kitten Rocket Dog Gotcha Rocket Dog Double Dutch Rocket Dog Candy Krunch Rocket Dog Jasmine TeaRocket Dog Double Dutch

– Katie

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