All black everythang…

I have confessed to many that my favorite color is black, well technically it isn’t a color, but let’s not get hung up on the technicals.  Anyway, I was noticing that all of my favorite items in my closet are black.  Gee wiz. One of them happens to be from our world exclusive brand TBA, which, if you follow our blog, we really, in all senses of the word are OBSESSED.

My muses creepily all work together quite well, especially on my duvet cover.  The Lucca couture high slit maxi skirt is so sexy, I can’t wait to wear it with bare legs and a white tank in the summer.  Right now though, in the frosty temps, it is subtly daring with charcoal tights and knee high riding boots.

The TBA TEN20 oh how I love that you make people scared of me.  You are soooooo sharp.

My black faced men’s Burberry watch, which I’ve never seen displayed anywhere in that color, was a 1 year anniversary gift from my husband who never wears black but supports my addiction fully.

A recent impulse purchase from H&M that is on my head A TON.

When I wear it I don’t usually put any makeup on and ride the wave of anonymity ALL DAY.  Trust me, when you have spent your entire life in this small city you are not protected at any time from awkward elementary, middle school, or high school peer run in’s.  No I don’t have your phone number and No we should not get together some time because we haven’t in the past 10-20 years.  Did I just age myself?

I even like my photography better in black and white.  What color are YOUR favorite pieces?