All I want for Christmas is shoes Day III: TBA–PREDICT THE FUTURE

DAY III: And then the world ended. But not really….BUT we just want to hear what you THINK might befall us in 2012. Mayan calendar be damned, we want to hear about crazy celebrity meltdowns, the next style star to-be, top trends….basically WHAT’s 2012 GONNA BRING US???

All you have to do is leave a comment here (OR on FB or twitter) with your top 3 predictions for 2012. One sentence per prediction pls. Make it funny. Make it weird. Make is scarily accurate. Whatever you want!


3 winners will get to chose a pair from TO BE ANNOUNCED (doyouseetheconnection?), Solestruck’s newest brand and one that will seriously be bringing the goods this coming year.

Our top 3 FUTURE predictions for 2012:

1. Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez will have a brutal public breakup and he will quickly rebound with Courtney Love.
2. Scientists will discover that people with noted shoe addictions produce a chemical in their brain that can cure cancer and goverment-funded mega shopping sprees will soon follow—for the sake of mankind.
3. Cats will become the new rulers of the land and will be treated as the goddesses they rightfully are (um, that was MEOW-riah’s suggestion).


  • http://Website Tina

    1. The aliens will come and take the believers back to planet Vumpkinz, where I will reign queen in my solestruck footwear.
    2. Jenny xj9 from my life as a teenage robot will also turn on us and shoot lazers out of her eyes
    3. sexy firemen who love shoe addicts will put out the fires and save the world from jenny. (but not from the alien invasion)

  • http://Website Bettie

    Presiden Barack Obama Relected!,Vanessa Bryant(Kobe’s Wifey)gets lots $$$ Jeffrey Campbell(ShoeKing)2012!

  • http://Website Molly

    1. Solestruck is going to be the main place when you can get awesome and unique shoes, everybody will worship this site.
    2. Peace. Even though now it doesn’t seems so, it will be peace in the WHOLE world and people will become vegetarians :3
    3. Soviet Union is going to rebirth and people will speak Russian everywhere! Woohoo!
    :D this is my TOP 3 predictions, too-bee-doo-bee-doo.

  • Amy Cohen

    Top Three Predictions

    1. Jeffrey Campbell’s Walk Tall Boots will still be sold out…until 2013
    2. The iPhone 6 will come out…before the iPhone 5…but people will end up waiting in lines across America to buy both.
    3. Kim Jong Il will die from a heart attack…wait…

  • Sami

    My 2012 predictions

    1. Women will become so adapted to high heels that once barefoot they will naturally walk on their tip toes in a phenomenon known as “shoe-volution”

    2. The Queen of England will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee in a pair of encrusted Haus of Price shoes

    3. In the cat ruling predicted by SoleStrucks Meow-riah. For every Cat Nip plant cut down, 2 will be replanted… if the kitties can stop playing long enough to do so. Meow!

  • http://Website Penelope

    Since some folks say the calendar will start over then all of the populations of the worlds’ lifelines will backtrack and we will all turn to babies. Everyone will be the same age in 2012.

    Mer-people will show themselves to us in 2012 and they will want to be recognized as a part of the United Nations because they want their rights too.

    All the food of the world will switch tastes what’s sour will be bitter what is salty will be sweet all foods will taste different and we will have to make recipe’s for things all over again.

  • Gaia H.

    1. My wallet will cry a river of tears, as I spend more money on Black Milk and shoes.
    2. Brangelina will go from adopting kids to adopting exotic spiders.
    3. Solestruck will continue its way to world domination on the shoe-shop front, and we will all kneel in their glory.

  • Caitlin of Closet Confessions

    Closet Confessions 2012 Predictions

    1. Body Image will become a thing of the past, where a plus-size woman is appreciated for her style, not her size.

    2. Air lines will all become friends and drop prices so that travel to exotic locations only costs the amount you have in your back pocket (for me, that’d be around $5!)

    3. Television will become 4D, so instead of watching a cooking demonstration, your actually in the room, smelling the food and you’ll be able to sneak a taste if your good.

    Oh, how good would be INTERACTIVE TV be!? AHAHA I want me some Nigela in my lounge room!

  • Binay Geathers

    1) JC Litas will become SOO popular that Kanye West & Jay-Z will start to rock them (including Jay’s new baby)

    2) The importance of shoes will become a mandatory subject in all schools starting in pre-k && solestruck will be the online study site

    3) Robots will take over all jobs && people will be left with free money just for living and enjoy more vacation time!!

  • http://Website Elena

    The DMV’s lines in 2012 will get shorter

    In the future people’s sense of style will change it will become common sense to the population and we will live in a nicely dressed world.

    Maybe smell o vision will finally come to be.

  • Chris L

    1. Solestruck will come out will their OWN version of Facebook, Myspace, etc. It will be ONLY for shoe lovers, until about 2 years later :P

    2. Solestruck will enter their own fashion line, with high heeling males and hardworking females on the phones…I mean, vice versa :P

    3. Men in heels will be the future. Of course, girls are welcome :)

  • http://Website klaudia

    My 2012 predictions

    1. In 2012 Solestruck will be the best shoe shop on the planet as they have everything that people need.

    2.There will be award for the best shoe shop and the solestruck will be the winner because they have soooo many fans ;DD

    3. 2012 will be the last year, because the world will end but before this will happend solestruck will recieve an award for the best shoe shop. ;) )

  • http://Website HED

    1. A bear will become educated and nominated as the spokesperson for Kmart.
    2. You will cut all of your knuckles accidentally by skinning a Barbie doll.
    3. All smooth jazz music will inevitably become illegal.

  • Pascale De Bom

    1. Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s baby will come out either singing or rapping.

    2. Lindsey Lohan becomes the new it-girl – WE ALL WANT TO BE LIKE YOU LINDSEY! Excluding court, obviously.

    3. Robert Pattinson goes bald…. for life.

  • Asha

    1. There will be a freak accident whereby Snoop Dogg will rule the world and from this day forward we must all sip on ‘Gin n Juice’ instead of water.

    2. A time machine will be created and we will all go ‘Back to the future’ in our Nike Air Mags, just like Marty Mcfly (Or a more modern alternative, our Moonspoon Saloon X Buffalo platform sneakers, which turn out to be perfect for time travel.)

    3. A new planet called Shoepiter – pronounced like Jupiter but with Shoe – will be discovered, (this planet is where shoes are designed, manufactured and everything holy), the prime ministers of Shoepiter who go by the name of Solestruck, (of course) will give me – for discovering Shoepiter – and two others – for their accurate descriptions of the future – a free pair of TBA shoes

  • http://Website jess

    Night Lita is made available for preorder in January, sells out in record time, and becomes most-ordered shoe in Solestruck history.

    Amazing response to Black Friday sale prompts überamazing Spring sale; Solestruck updates servers in preparation.

    Obama 2012, y’all.

  • Cindy b

    Lady gaga will make a new music video all about the joys of wearing pants!

    The kardashians will start a new reality show – Scott and kortney- the wedding! And them divorce 72 days later!

    Brad and Angelina will adopt two more children, star in 5 movies between the two of them, build 10 schools for African children, and stop world hunger.

  • Roxy

    1. Kim Kardashian will get married and divorced AGAIN.
    2. Americans will start occupying Canada.
    3. The US credit rating will… stay the same.

  • Latasja Rousey

    2012 predictions

    1. All of the men, women and cats across the nation will come together and march the streets of every city in black lita spikes (gold spike edition!!!) for PEACE!!! Or maybe just me!!!!
    2. will be the new cure for asthma.”Can’t breathe? Creatures across the nation are taking moderate intakes of, please consult you physician before attempting, it must be taken in small dosages… May cause an increase of glossy eye syndrome (staring at the computer screen too long), shortness of breath & a decrease of closet space!!! 99.99% of users tend to OVERDOSE… ” Sponsored by our first lady!
    3. SoleStruck stores will start popping up in every city and on every corner like McDonald’s!!!!

  • http://Website Cat

    1) Beyonce’s baby will emerge as so perfect a creation that it will singlehandedly usher in a new era of world peace.

    2) Unicorns will be discovered roaming the icy tundra of Scandinavia and will eventually become so plentiful and useful that no household will be without them.

    3) The most perfect pair of shoes will be created, but their power will be so corrupting that a humble fellow named Frodo will have to destroy them by tossing them into the flesh-eating waters of the Hudson River.

  • http://Website uenki

    My predictions for 2012:

    1) Shoe Tardis will be invented for women all over the world to keep their gigantic collections of shoes without taking up too much “space”

    2) Due to global warming, instead of rain or snow, shoes will start raining down

    3) Cats all over the world would come together to petition for awesome shoes to be specially made available for them!

  • khala

    1. Girls shorter than 6ft will be considered weirdos and everyone will wear at least 5″ platforms

    2. A new worldwide law will force every home to have at least one cat

    3. Two words: FLYING CARS

  • http://Website Kelsey

    1. Roxy (see above) will find a source of optimism.
    2. A universally flattering, unbelievably gorgeous, red lipstick will be created-and will look the same on no two people.
    3. The only part of the world that will come to an end is hatred, and tolerance will be embraced by all.

  • http://Website Tina

    1. The aliens will come and take the believers back to planet Vumpkinz, where I will reign queen in my solestruck footwear.

    2. Jenny xj9 from my life as a teenage robot will also turn on us and shoot lazers out of her eyes

    3. sexy firemen who love shoe addicts will put out the fires and save the world from jenny. (but not from the alien invasion)

  •!/profile.php?id=580915760 Jenny

    1.) All the rulers of every nation will proclaim that all drivers who do not wave in thanks to the person who let them into his or her line of traffic, will be forced to stand at a busy intersection wearing a “Free Hugs” sign for three hours per violation.

    2.) A strict new dress code will be applied to all law enforcement officials, in which all persons must follow the W.W.P.W (What Would Prince Wear) policy when on the clock.

    3.) Finally, the newest international law to pass in 2012 will be: if any situation occurs (sports games, moms fighting over the last elmo doll at x-mas, a simple game of “rock, paper, scissors”, etc.), in which a tie must be broken, the tie-breaking action must always be a dance-off between all parties included.

  • http://Website Filthycoffin

    1. Cookie Monster will be elected as President & supply the world with cookies!

    2.Yo Gabba Gabba will team up with President Cookie to take over the world with Disco and Fourtune cookies filled with shoes.

    3.Shoes that have an electric current in the right place to give you the BIG O anytime:) remote powered.

  • Tara

    1. FOX’s latest news program, ‘The Ten O’Clock Shoes’ will win an Emmy for it’s thought-provoking, investigative journalism.

    2. RPattz will impregnate KStew. The whole world will weep & then panick when a vampire/human hybrid is born.

    3. Kate Middleton will have a sorded affair with Will’s hot brother Harry. After a quickie divorce, Will finds Solace in Gaga’s paws. ALL HAIL QUEEN GAGA!

  • http://Website francesca

    my 2012 predictions’s going to snow in july..mother nature is mad
    2.THe progressive lady gets married and does the commercials together
    3.they are going to come out with a real housewives International

  • jazmine liss

    1. A new law stating all boyfriends must buy their girlfriends a new pair of heels will be implemented :)

    2. Thursdays will be considered part of the weekend

    3. Everyones debt will be wiped out and they can start fresh! School loans DESTROYED!!!!

  • Brooke Riggle

    1. Human’s will no longer use any means of transportation besides, dance, dancing our way, EVERYWHERE!

    2. Solestruck will be added to the english dictionary, to be known by.. everyone. (not that it isn’t a common household word already).

    3. And last, but surely not least, we cannot forget, the zombie apocalypse.

  • http://Website Danie

    1. Lady Gaga will stun tabloids everywhere by showing up to the Grammy’s in sweats and runners.

    2. We’ll find Atlantis.

    3. After the heroic story of a young woman who escaped a terrifying fate by using her Lita Spikes as a weapon, women everywhere will turn to shoes for self-defense.

  • Molli

    My 2012 predictions:

    1. We’ll find out that Will Smith is actually an alien, and him playing characters in alien based movies was all a cover up.

    2. KE$HA is going to pay some crazy Russian scientists to breed a horse and a narwhal in order to create the first Unicorn… but it’ll end up killing her with it’s horn.


    3. Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman and ALL CAPS will create a line of shoes together that are under $100 a pair & I will own all of the styles!

  • Mischelle

    1. North Korea will be freed and then occupied by something called Solestruck.
    2. New babies will be born with arched feet made ready for the forever-lasting heel trend.
    3. I will go to college. (could be a good and bad thing)

  • http://Website Alice Nigoghossian

    1. Solestruck would be the only shoe dealer.

    2. Kim Kardashian and the family would end up being my long lost cousins (you know since all Armenians are related).

    3. All of the continents will collide creating just one continent called The Soviet Union because Russia is the one keeping all the vodka.


    i PREDICT:



    <3 ~ the futures so bright I gotta wear shades Roxxannee

  • Alyssa Kaliszewski

    My predictions for 2012.

    1. Lady Gaga will run for president last minute as a write in and due to her twitter following will win, leading her to declare wigs and platforms a required part of the secret service uniform.

    2. Ryan Gosling will have a starring role in every single movie produced in the calendar year, and will write a ‘shirtless roles only’ clause into his contract.

    3. Someone will figure out the science behind human cloning and Kris Jenner will immediately buy all rights hoping to capitalize on creating a larger Kardashian Klan that will take over television, internet, and magazines.

  • brittany

    1) Unicorns will come out of hiding, revealing all mythical creatures are actually real, and actually left for other planets after humans started to take over earth.

    2) Flying brooms will come in to existence, helping us Harry Potter fans travel Eco Friendly and by sonic speed!!

    3)I will be living on the street with all my shoes because I will have bought two pairs of shoes per pay check leaving me broke and homeless… at least I will have my flying broom!!!

  • http://Website Alasaundra

    1. Instead of the world ending in December, the ancient aliens that created earth will return and bestow new technologies and wisdom upon us….which will lead to more amazing shoes…FUTURE SPACE SHOES.
    2. Scientists in China will actually perfect the synthetic blood they’ve been trying to grow from rice and vampires will finally reveal themselves leading to new historical discoveries and maybe they will still have some rad shoes from centuries past.
    3. Celebrities and media will finally start embracing women and men of all shapes and sizes so curvy gals can finally have a better selection of designer or even just cool clothes to pair with amazing solestruck shoes.
    4. (I know it only said three but…) Cats will finally admit that they can in fat understand when we talk to them and I will finally not feel so crazy when I talk to them all the time.

  • http://Website Julie Y.

    1. Kate Middleton will announce that she gets all her shoes from Solestruck and Solestruck website will crash due to the overwhelming amount of users.

    2. Teleportation devices will be created so all women in the world can wear amazing shoes and not have sore feet.

    3. Chocolate will rain from the sky!!!!

    lilswtgurl85 at yahoo dot com

  • brittany

    1) Unicorns will have come back to earth, revealing that all mythical creatures have existed since before humans, but left earth and occupied the planets when humans couldn’t accept they were real. (yes the talk)

    2) Flying Brooms will have been invented, causing a Harry Potter epidemic, but we will all travel Eco Friendly and at SONIC SPEED!!

    3) I will have moved on to the street with all my shoes because I will continue to buy two pairs of shoes per paycheck leaving me broke and homeless. AT LEAST I WILL HAVE MY FLYING BROOM!!! <3

  • Aina

    Here are my predictions

    1. Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are going to collaborate, it will be terrible but will still hit #1

    2. The internet will crash, shoe sales go up in response.

    3. And the most important, ugly shoes are going to be banned, anyone wearing them will be punished by watching the simple life for a month.

  • Jazmine liss

    1. All boyfriends will be required to buy their girlfriends a pair of heels once a month.

    2. Thursdays will be considered part of the weekend.

    3. All debt will be wiped away so everyone starts fresh!!! Students loans GONE!!!!!

  • courtney b.

    I would like to title this “….. and it’s all thanks to Solestruck”

    1. Courtney B. wins a pair of To Be Announced shoes from Solestruck’s amazing “All I Want for Christmas is Shoes” contest. Immediately, she chooses a pair of 5ONTHEDOT heels in Burgundy Velvet and almost overnight shoe and fashion lovers everywhere are clamoring to her blog and Lookbook, hanging on her every word. Her popularity soars and she’s invited to fashion week events all over the world, everyone wants to know what she thinks is “in” this season and every other season from now until the end of time. The world has fallen in love with her style and it’s all thanks to Solestruck.

    2. After a stroke of genius, Solestruck will team up with American car companies, offering a free pair of Litas with every purchase of a new vehicle. Car sales will soar. Seeing this boost in auto sales, they will then pair up with Realtors, boosting the housing market. With confidence being restored, companies will begin to hire new employees, people will begin to spend more money, our economy will soar back to its former glory and it’s all thanks to Solestruck

    3. Because of women’s universal want of amazing shoes, Solestruck travels the world giving away shoes to women in need from remote villages in the Amazon where the women walk around barefooted to overworked women in Hong Kong who need a pick-me-up. This inspires the women they have helped to help others, creating a domino effect of goodness and kindness, thus ending hostility all over the world and finally achieving a true definition of “World Peace” and it’s all thanks to Solestruck.

  • http://Website Monique

    1. Meow-riah will top the charts with a triple platinum hit featuring Bark-Obama bustin a sweet flow.
    2. Kitten heels will reign supreme through all the land.
    3. the hit theatre play “CATS” will be attended by lady gaga, unleashing an uproar in cat-like fashions.

  • Alisha

    1.Solestruck will send me broke with all the AMAZING new arrivals in the new year.

    2. I will own every colour of Lita Spike ever made and will turn into a crazy shoe lady who throws her shoes at people (like cat lady in simpsons) , then cry when the shoes get damaged.

    3. Solestruck will have the highest selling stats for any online store and will continue to make the world Fashionable!!

  • Ivy Wong

    1. Obama’s favourite shoe will become the JC Litas
    2. Everyone will be dancing and lip syncing in the mall with their iPods at the same time
    3. Cats all around the world will be wearing shoes from Solestruck <3

  • http://Website shalice


    1. Lindsay Lohan will make a huge comeback thanks to her playboy cover in 2011, jumpstarting her singing career and making her more popular than ever before – even the Parent Trap days.

    2. Jim Morrison will be spotted strolling the streets of bratislava under the name Ronald Howie- proving his death to have been fake all along.

    3. Wearing swim goggles and shaved eye brows will be trendy as fuck!!!

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict a Cure For Cancer
    2. I Predict Beyonce and Jay Z Baby Will Name Their Daughter Solestruck.
    3. I Predict Kim Kardashian Will Marry Her Shoes And Stay Commited Until She Has An Affair With Solestruck.

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict Ty Will Arrest Me For Raiding All Of Solestruck Shoes
    2. I Predict Kim Kardashian Having Another Sex Tape..This Time With Kobe Bryant
    3. I Predict Charlie Sheen Returning To Two and a Half Men To Show Ashton Kutcher Whose Boss!#Winning

  • http://Website Blakethedesigner

    1. Beyonce will welcome her firstborn child into the world and everyone will, to Jay Z’s dismay, realize that he is not the father…

    2. After 3 days of grueling debates and re-tallies, Lady Gaga will be named the first hermaphrodite President of the United States of America on November 9, 2012.

    3. Men will reclaim the right to wear heels in public, thanks to the Jeffrey Campbell mens line, THE DAMNED. :)

    Oh 2012, you better be ready…cause Solestruck is bringing it and it’s a mothaeffin’ walk-off!

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict Christian Louboutin Wearing Sparkly Men’s Litas To NYC Fashion Week 2012
    2. I Predict Jennifer Lopez Having a Fling With P.Diddy
    3. I Predict A Hidden Diary By Alexander McQueen will be discovered and will detail his undercover desire for Solestruck. Shhh

  • Pamada

    1) Scientists will discover that Twilight has actually set women back about 50 years.
    2) Obama will be re-elected by a landslide because his new campaign will involve giving every US citizen a free pair of shoes from Sole Struck
    3) Shoes will be the new form of currency

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict That My Shoe Collection Will Have More Shoes From Solestruck
    2. I Predict Solestruck To Be In The Guinness Book Of World Records For Having The Most Females Scream “Solestruck” After a Purchase or Special Event.
    3. I Predict Solestruck Having a Clothing Line and Accessories To Match

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict Scientists Will Discover We Are Living in The Twilight Zone
    2. I Predict Barbara Walters Will Interview Ty And Ask The Solestruck Associates How They Are Able To Give Their Customers Shoegasms So She Could Experience One Herself!
    3. I Predict Brad Pitt Leaving Angelina Jolie and Knocking Up Jennifer Aniston

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict Solestruck Will Have Sparkly JC Nightwalk For Dogs and Cats To Wear.
    2. I Predict Less Stress ,More Shoes!
    3. I Predict To Win The Lotto So I Can By Every Single Damn Shoe Solestruck Has To Offer!

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict Queen Elizabeth Will Rock Litas To a Ball With Kate and William
    2. I PRedict Shoes Will Take Over The World. Whoever Has The Most Shoes, Owns The Thrown!
    3. I Predict Crayola will Franchise Solestruck And Name Their 96 pack of crayons in dedication to each Style seen on Solestruck Website.

  • http://Website Kylie

    1: All appropriate attire for any and all occasions will require marvelous, breath-taking shoes. Anyone failing to follow the new dress code will be given the proper discipline in a private location until they learn to worship the shoe like it deserves.

    2: For “green” enthusiasts (Portlanders, anyone?) JC will introduce a line of high-speed, fashionably fabulous roller blades for convenient travel around the city without having to lug around a bike.

    3: There will be a cat exclusive club in every major city where cats of all ages and personalities can enjoy a nice milktini after a hard days work of lounging around the house and demanding all the attention from their inferior human house-mates.

  • Georgie

    1/ Jeffrey Campbell will create loads more colours/patterns in Lita’s!
    2/ Kim Kardashian will get married and divorced again within 24 hours.
    3/ Solestruck will rid the world of ugly shoes, one pair at a time!

  • http://Website Barbara

    1.Shoes Will Be Created To Make Us Fly!(Literally)
    2. Kim Kardashian Will Get Pregnant,But Not Married.
    3. Ty Will Be on NYC runway for FashionWeek sitting next to Amber Rose,Joan Rivers, and Beyonce Knowles

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. A child loses their tooth and a Shoe Fairy places new shoes under their pillow.
    2. Solestruck Will Have It’s Own Network for SHOELOVERS/Addicts Only.
    3. Ty will have a sex tape leak of him and Kim Kardashian.

  • shalice

    1. Lindsay Lohan will make a huge comeback after her playboy shoot in 2011 – skyrocketing her success – even more popular than the PARENT TRAP days.

    2. Jim Morrison will be spotted wandering the streets wearing green velvet Litas, under the name Ronald Howie, proving his death (and possibly identity??) to have been a sham all along.

    3. Wearing swim goggles and shaving your eyebrows will become 2trendy4words.

  • Iselin

    1. I will travel all the way over the ocean to the east coast, just to shop at Solestruck.

    2. Solestruck will get in a new, fabulicious brand.

    3. The summer of 2012 will be the most awesome yet!

  • http://Website Kay

    1. The JC Lita will have a barbie version.
    2. Champagne will become the new rain, sorbet will become the new snow and glitter will become the new sunshine.
    3. Polar bears will migrate to the South Pole and their first night will be spent mingling with the penguins and frosting cupcakes.

  • http://Website Erni

    1. Aliens will visit Earth.
    2. Lady Gaga is going to wear an outfit made up of salmon or chicken.
    3. Hipsters will have new poses.

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  • http://Website Vesper

    1. Kim Jong Il will return from the dead, with an insatiable zombie craving for platform shoes. (The Dear Leader was only a pitiful 5’3″, you know!)
    2. Doug Hutchinson is actually Courtney Stodden’s father. Woah.
    3. I score these shoes, decide to show them off, and consequently meet the man of my dreams out on the dance floor. You never know what your little decisions will influence, Solestruck! Could be talking about true love here, hahahaha.

  • Alexandra S

    1. Jlo and KimKardashian are going to have a tupac/biggie style rivaly over their ASSets.

    2. Michelle Bachmann will get super close to being president, but then it will be revealed that her secret daughter is ke$ha. Ke$ha > that woman.

    3. Michelle Obama is going to step out in some Jeffery Campbells. Probably not Litas, but I am crossing my fingers.

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  • http://Website MaKaya Hartman

    !. LIGHTS OUT…Everywhere.
    2. Everyone will have to where glittery platforms to reflect light.
    3. We are all going to heaven and everyone will be “solestruck” and ride unicorns.

  • URL

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  • http://Website Trevor

    1. Humanity will finally realize no matter how fucked up our planet becomes the need for an amazing pair of shoes will NEVER end. EVER.

    2. We will get so wrapped up in our own post apocalyptic dreams that the bridge between fantasy and reality can only be crossed again with the power of fabulous shoes, leading us back to a world that is pretty much like 2011, but with more waste due to a huge supply of “2012 End of the World!” books laying around.

    3. Ghandi will come back and slap the shit out of everyone.

  • Samantha

    My predictions!

    1. A guaranteed cure for neuroblastoma, with no chance of relapse(s).
    2. I receive a pair of shoes from Solestruck (from this giveaway) ;D
    3. Adam Lambert tweets @me “Happy Birthday!” on April 5th.

  • http://Website Sarah

    1. In order to get the women’s vote, a future presidental campaign slogan will mandate free shoes for all.
    2. The world will in fact not end, as Jeffrey Campbell declares they are not done designing shoes for fierce masses.
    3. Justin Bieber will ask Meow-riah out, and she will turn him down.

  • melanie

    3 FUTURE predictions for 2012:

    1st – Heidi Klum will be the first female president after Obama died in an attack.
    2nd – She will follow a very powerful and strict policies.
    3rd – Because of the power of Heidi, Solestruck will gain the world domination.

    Greetings from Switzerland!

  • http://Website Alyssa Kaliszewski

    Sorry for the repost but it’s not showing up!! Maybe it didn’t go through and this is not a repost at all :)

    1. Lady Gaga will decide last minute to run for president and will win by a landslide due to her high volume of twitter followers – her first bill will be to force all secret service members to wear wigs.

    2. Someone will perfect human cloning and Kris Jenner will buy all of the rights to it in an attempt to create a larger Kardashian clan with which to take over all media outlets.

    3. Ryan Gosling will star in every box office hit released in 2012, will update his contract to add a ‘shirtless scenes only’ clause and they will re-name the Oscars the Ryans.

  • http://Website Nellie

    1) Once the stars have aligned, Freddy Mercury will appear in a ghostly apparition to a destined designer and fashion as we know it will be shown a new light.

    2) David Attenborough will be blessed with 50 more years of life so that he may forever teach us new things about our wonderful world. He’s such a babe.

    and finally, this is what I’ve been told since 9 years old

    3) 2pac, Biggie & Elvis Presley didn’t actually die – they’ve all been hiding in a cave in France and 2012 is the destined year they will all come back and face the illuminati.

    For comical reasons, I sorely hope the third is truth.

  • courtney d

    1. Jeffrey Campbell will make Lita’s for infants
    2. Pippa Middleton will have a wedding more ornate than her sister’s.
    3. Everything else will be exactly how it seems.

  • http://Website Michelle

    1. Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour get married in a private ceremony in Bali and Anna will wearing JC’s Lita as her wedding shoes.

    2. Shoe inventor will invent a shoes with wheels and automatic steer. So all shoe lover will decrease pollution and decrease traffic jam.

    3. Kate Middleton will announced that she’s infertile and can’t have a baby. An audition and election for new queen will soon follow.

  • http://Website Michelle

    1. Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour get married in a private ceremony in Bali and Anna will wearing JC’s Lita as her wedding shoes.

    2. Shoe inventor will invent a shoes with wheels and automatic steer so all shoe lover will decrease pollution and decrease traffic jam.

    3. Kate Middleton will announced that she’s infertile and can’t have a baby and an audition and election for new queen will soon follow.

  • http://Website Amanda


    #1: Jeffrey Campbell and TBA will mate to produce awesome shoe babies and this will revolutionize the term “SHOE PORN”.

    #2: Taylor Swift will get a boyfriend, break up, then release a new album based on that relationship. Surprise surprise.

    #3: Solestruck’s site will crash during one of their awesome sales due to us shoe nuts camping by our computers – because we just can’t help it. ♥

  • http://Website Amanda


    #1. Jeffrey Campbell and TBA will mate to produce awesome shoe babies that will revolutionise the term “shoe porn.”

    #2. Taylor Swift will enter a new relationship, break up, then release a new album based on that experience. Surprise surprise.

    #3. Solestruck’s website will crash once again during one of their awesome sales due to us shoe fanatics just camping by our computer – because we’re all awesome like that. ♥

  • Nur Azri

    1) Hogwarts school of magic would be open for registration! (Wohooo!)

    2) Solestruck will be the president of US!

    3) Kate Middleton will be pregnant with a baby…… BOY!

  • Nur Azri

    1) Brad and Angelina will adopt another baby! (Surprise, surprise)

    2) Teleportation will be made available!

    3) Aliens would take over the world and they’ll come with their awesome shoes invention!

  • Reney

    1. Shoes will be able to be shrunk small enough to be carried in handbags, allowing ladies to carry around their entire collection and change at will!

    2. Scientists will discover and develop a new phenomenon similar to Hermione’s ‘never ending bag’, that can be utilised for shoes, enabling taller girls to wear as high a heel as they like and still stay proportional!

    3. Since technology be gettin’ crayzeh, a method will be developed whereby there will be a “one size fits all” shoe size, eliminating the need for different sizes and ending all ‘sorry, your shoe size has run out’ woes for women!

  • Nur Azri

    1) Time would be use for currency, like the movie ‘In Time’!

    2) Flying cars would be made available all over the world!

    3) An alien would come to Earth and meet the President, Solestruck and both of them would just be talking about shoes all day!

  • jenny

    Top Three Predictions “To Be Announced” in 2012:

    1.) All world leaders will make a proclamation to enforce a new law requiring all drivers cutting into a neighboring traffic lane to give a wave of “Thanks!” to the obliging citizen who let them in.

    2.) All law enforcement officials across every nation required to adopt a new uniform per the “W.W.P.D.” (What would Prince do?) dress code, requiring them to wear colorful scarves, fabulous bouffant hairstyles, etc. while on the clock.

    3.) All squabbles, no matter how mundane or austere (tied sports games, presidencies, x-mas-frazzled mothers fighting over the last Elmo doll at a retail store, rock, paper, scissors games, etc.), will me settled with a tie breaking dance-off.

    (Sorry if this is a repost, it didn’t show the first time :) )

  • Nur Azri

    1) Kim K would be married again, to a basketball player and would spent double the last wedding and get divorced in a week!

    2) Solestruck shop would be in every country!

    3) ALL women who are below 170 cm would grow to their own choice of height!!

  • Cheryl

    1. I would be able to afford every single pair of shoes on Solestruck and share those babies with my family and friends!

    2. JC will make shoes for dogs so that every single member of my family will own a pair of JC!

    3. Animals will get more rights!

  • Shanti

    1.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will decide to bring their clan on a commercial flight to space as family bonding. Hence the 2012 you tube sensation will break out “Pitt-Jolie Family Moon Walking in Space.”

    2. Solestruck HQ will move in to an awesome space in downtown Portland and be able to open an even BIGGER flagship store where all brands and style will be available to try on.

    3. I will have the best wedding in the history of history and get to party down with all my friends and family!!

  • Nur Azri

    1) A hot vampire would be my bf, like the one in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, not Twilight.

    2) There will be another superstar born, just like Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga!

    3) All women are required to buy shoes ONLY from Solestruck!

  • Nur Azri

    1) Solestruck would be the first group to be flown to another planet to open a new awesome store!

    2) Zombie Apocalypse would be happening, starting in NYC first!

    3) Research would show that shoe addiction cannot be treated at all!

  • http://Website Barbara

    1. I Predict I will win the Lottery and Own my Own Shoe Company Worldwide
    2. Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez Will Have a Baby Boy
    3. Will Smith Will Be The Next Black President

  • http://Website Katy

    1. Britney Spears engagement will be called off, causing her to fall into another psychotic state of head shaving antics.

    2. Computer will work like the ones in “Minority Report,” simply waving your hands in the air will control multiple screens and devices.

    3. People will max out their credit cards at Because everyone knows that this time next year the apocalypse will rid the word of debt collectors and we don’t have all the necessary footwear needed to face the end of days!

    Didn’t see it post.