All I Want For Christmas is Shoes: Day One.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas.

There is just one thing I need.


Sing it, and Welcome to Day One of our 5 day Holiday Giveaway.

Today’s contest Revolves around your shoe collection—be it real or fantasy! We are looking for you to snap a picture of your shoe spread, or create an image (think polyvore etc), of your dream shoe spread. Check out our recent post from Guest Blogger Pale Division—this should serve as the inspiration for this contest. We will pick three winners. Each winner will walk away with one pair of Dolce Vita shoes! Yep, any shoe that is currently IN STOCK—can be yours. Three winners. This contest will run twentyfour hours only. Winners chosen by Meow-riah, our holiday cat diva. Entires accepted until NOON ESTERN TIME on Friday December, 16 2011!

1. Create an image of your favorite personal shoe/shoes, or dream shoes! be creative! Style them up? Think outside the box. We love people who take it next level. Style them on yourself! Shoot them on your UPS man! Organize them in your room! Photoshop them flying with doves! We wanna see what you got! (We will accept a photo, a collage, a GIF, a video, a drawing, a polyvore set). Keep in mind you can shoe us your ENTIRE collection, or the shoe that is the cherry on top!

2. Submit your image to Alongside your entry please submit a brief written explanation about your entry—and why you deserve a free pair of DV’s this holiday! I have linked our DV section above—and you can choose any pair from the site! Free—to anyone, anywhere in the world!

3. Please take a few moments today to blast to your friends on FB, tumblr or your blog/twitter etc. It’s the Holidays, and we want to get as many entries as possible! We love gifting free shoes—especially during the holidays! I mean, who doesn’t like a kitten, in a santa hat, giving free shoes—posted on their FB page! Come on right meow!




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