All White Everything

Are you as sick of the #allblackeverything trend that is plaguing streetwear the world over? I’m not. Serious talk #doe, I make sure to don one head-to-toe black ensemble weekly. The appeal is obvious: it’s easy, it’s lazy, it’s mysterious, it looks good on everyone and it’s endorsed by Jay-Z. Since the 80′s, it was the wave of Japanese designers who shook Paris with their “Hiroshima chic” designs:


Suffice to say, in the words of Jigga himself, ON TO THE NEXT ONE. To my own surprise, might I suggest a mass exodus from one extreme of the color scale to the other? Enter #allwhiteeverything. I’m not the pioneer of this concept, but who wants to wear funeral garb on the daily? Hmm on second thought…


Crisp style, smart dressing. Fresh to death.



Also, Kanye all for it.


I will say you’ll be doing a lot more laundry so save those quarters.



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