So hello! I am so excited to be able to guest blog here @ Solestruck! So, I thought for a first pos, prior to the interview I did a couple of posts back- I’d give a quick intro! My blog’s titled Missing Avenue and I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now, with 3 on this particular blog. I basically live my life through food, fashion, and pictures so, my blog is full of visuals of my life and the adventures I take on. And of course, things that I’m into and what I wear. For a start, how about one of my regular outfit posts?


New hair ^^



I recently visited Los Angeles during my summer break, and got this outfit from a random boutique I was passing by. Singapore is so so different from the U.S., and I had a great visit to the greater area of LA. During my trip I spent a weekend in Vegas, saw the Grand Canyon, and ran around your gorgeous supermarkets! I am so deeply in love with (Go Wholefoods! Go Trader Joe’s! Go Ralphs!) drooling at the fresh produce and the endless array of snacks, what more can I say? I am dying to go back! The shopping is also fantastic of course. But all that aside, I’m hoping to be able to share a few of my adventures here in Singapore on the Solestruck blog, and my undying love for shoes that tower over 4 inches in height and tons of photos! This is going to be so much fff-uu-nn!