And dreams of champagne and cookies danced in my head…

I have been horribly sick the last three days and have been quarantined to my apartment. Under pure desperation I ventured out yesterday only to be blinded by the sun and blown unrelentingly by the icy 28 degree wind that left me scurrying back to my box of tissues and remote control. We are 3 weeks out from any decent sort of grocery shopping so my fridge is a very sad sight filled with condiments, wine, vodka, eggs and tortillas and I AM HUNGRY.

Since all I can basically do is watch TV and drink cough medicine I am being slammed by all the holiday adds filled with glamorous clothes, melting chocolate, bubbly champagne and gooey cookies.  Amidst the boredom I flipped through all of my personal photo’s on my phone only to find more delicious food and beverage temptations.

So first off, let’s start with sweets, I would KILL for something sweet right now.  My dad gave me these last year for Christmas, little mousies and bunnies filled with nuts and caramel.  They lasted about 2 minutes before I ate all of their little heads off, and then I ate their bodies next.

My favorite candy to date, good ol’ red vines, Can someone PLEASE just go to 7-11 and get me some?!

And then come the food cravings, spicy pork cheeks with black beans and pickled onions.  YUM.

Or, how about a savory greek salad? Ughhhh…want…so…bad.

Since the holiday spirit has sprung, everyone on TV seems to have a drink in their hand, this craving is the strongest of them all.

Mmmmmm margarita anyone?

Last but CERTAINLY not least.  I am craving to see my shoes at the store, when you are lucky enough to work around these beauties all day you cannot go A day without seeing them not to mention THREE!

Did I forget to mention we just got these Lita Glitter’s in? One of each size ladies GET THEM NOW.