And she will remain nameless.

We have a very special Solestruck employee who can do this entire Robyn choreography. I will be honest when I say she nails it. She owns it. She gives it hard, until, well, there is no question left, that she is the Robyn of Portland. During the next Solestruck Talent Contest, I will make sure to vid her magic for your viewing pleasure. Until then, I dedicate this genius ROBYN DANCE OFF video to her! YES GIRL. TGIF.

  • Carrie

    That is freaking awesome! I’ve been telling my friends that she has the best walk-on ever in this video. Gotta say, though, this video should’ve been used for a JC promo shoot. I ♥ Robyn and I ♥ Solestruck.

  • Ash

    LOL, guy with the flashlight.