They say the professional doesn’t enjoy quite as much as the amateur.¬†Anrealage is by no means an “amateur” fashion house, but the clever creations of each of its shows would sure make one believe so.

Anrealage SS13 was insanity. To take the simple trend of cut-outs and explode it on such a hyperbolized margin: basically, it’s so fucking rad that I can’t even handle. Then again, Anrealage is Japanese… and are the Japanese ever not fascinating?

Fall 2012 collection, “Time.”

And the best collection ever, Fall 2009.
Yes this is real life, no I can’t believe it either.

Mind = blown.
Just, WTF.

  • Sheyla @ Pink Wedges

    Holy shet, that 2009 collection is brilliant. And the shoes are insane.