Artist Spotlight: Jewelry by Eric Sæter

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We all have a favorite. You know, that accessory that we simply could not carry on without. Perhaps a charm bracelet who’s familiar jingle you feel naked without. Or maybe a safety pin button, given to you by the hot dude you made out with in that van last year. Whatever it may be, you have one. The only thing better than your current favorite is that feeling you get when you come across your next! The perfect storm of good quality and immaculate artistic prowess, Jewelry by Eric Sæter is what instant favorites are made of.

Meet Eric!

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of Jewelry by Eric Sæter ♡

Eric is a man of many talents. I have been drooling/pressuring and or demanding (to no avail thus far) my boyfriend to buy me like, EVERYTHING of his ever since I first came across him back in 2011. Talented, and additionally one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, Eric agreed to do a little Q&A for us so that we can all learn a little more about his work and the man himself.

Q: Hi Eric! Thank you for taking time to chat with me! Can you tell us how long you have been crafting your unique jewelry?

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 A: ”I think I’ve been actually set up & casting since ’09 but before I got equipment I made prototypes.”

 Q: How did you learn to bring your visions of a piece into reality?

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A: “As a kid I learned to use various tools and materials to create things. In a sense I never “began” making jewelry, but rather brought existing pastimes into gold and silver.”


Q: How long did it take you to perfect your craft?

A: “I still definitely haven’t, but I’m flattered you think I might have. There is always something to learn, some way to make something look more natural or pleasing, or some new tool that isn’t available anywhere until you make it yourself. I believe that creating my own tools gives me a point of reference that is more contiguously myself so that I run into fewer directional crises during the creative process. If the tool is a seed that you made, the tree it becomes has arisen from a very personal unit of intention.”


Q: Your work seems to have a heavy root in nature and possesses a very romantic, raw air about it. What would you personally say most inspires you and influences your work?

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A: “Imagining a world without so many synthetic materials inspires me. I wish the world was like a wild garden, and that there weren’t so many unflinching vectors policing our migration.. The west is like right-angle porn, right? I haven’t completely forgotten how to see like a child yet, and when I find myself on my hands and knees in the garden I am quickly able to return to tracing macrocosms among the weeds. Think smurfs, maybe.. Mushroom houses and and effortless pathways through unobstructed geography. The things I make seem to me like they would be important artifacts in these worlds.”

Q: I see that you also sculpt! And in the past crafted some amazing long boards! Can you tell us a little about that realm of your work? How broad are your mediums, and what would you say is your favorite?


long boards ES


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A: “Yeah I wanted a longboard that looked like old spalted, friendly wood but that also performed. They feel and ride great. I made a couple and moved along (too much epoxy and synthetic junk!!!). My spectrum of materials is quite broad. Right now I am throwing stoneware teacups, teapots, and misc. ware on the wheel. After a couple years of marginal work, I finally feel like I have obtained the level of skill required to produce some dreamy pieces.. I love unlocking practical items from clay a lot. I’m quite tempted to say that working with clay has been the most fun so far.”


Q: You know what? I feel like you would make a damn good pair of shoes! If you did I would obviously get the first pair, right?

A: “You’d get dibs. and I promise you this has crossed my mind a good number of times. But then I watch these youtube videos of these brilliant italian and turkish shoemakers and realize it’s the kind of trade one needs a dedicated lifetime to perfect. There may be a quick and dirty toothcutter version, though, like, say, moccasins..”


Q: Okay time to loosen the tie up a little here. Bonus Questions! If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose to take root and why?

A: “New York City. Because it’s infused with an unbelievable love.”


Q: If you were an Animorph, what would you morph into and what would you do?

A: “Generic answer here. TIGER and BE CUTE. <3″



Q: If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and who would wear you?

A: “I would be traditional Mongolian boots and I would be worn by a bad case of wanderlust.”



YOU RULE ERIC! Thanks again for taking time to let me pick your brain a little!


“Thank you Jordan. Much love, xoxo”

*All photos sourced from Eric Saeter


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