I’ve saved this image over and over again and stared at it about a thousand different times, all because I was so damn inspired.. consistently! The hair, the makeup, the dress, but even more so.. the girl wearing it all. Obvi she’s gorgeous, but aside from that, she exuded an attitude about her that just says “Yeah, I look weird, but I’m pulling it off and I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about it”. That girl is Sybil Buck.





Apart from the runway shows and editorials she starred in (not to mention a rad part in The Fifth Element!), she was/is the complete essence of ‘cool’ without even trying. In a clip from MTV’s House of Style Model Porfiles (which you can view here, because it won’t let me embed -_-), she talks about how she grew up sheltered and everything she does style wise is all about exploring and experimenting with things she was told to shy away from, and I loved that! Because isn’t that kind of what we’re all doing? Just trying to figure shit out, and we do that by experimenting to find what personally works for us.



Bettina Rheims × Sibyl Buck - 002


And you know I can’t help mentioning the quintessential 90s style and vibe in these photos. Liiiiiike, could it be any more appealing to me? The answer is no, no it could not.

Anyway, she was awesome in the 90s, and she’s still awesome today. After quitting modeling in ’98, she started playing bass for various bands (at the moment playing with Bush) and full time teaching yoga. The reason we admire her is because she always stays true to herself, whatever that may include at the time – she does it only because she genuinely loves it. That’s something we can all definitely keep in mind for our lives.