Baby Phat subdues bling

To be perfectly honest, Baby Phat has never been one of my favorite shoe brands. It’s not that I don’t like the shoes – on the contrary, some of them are fabulous – but on the whole, they’re just too tall, too dramatic, too flamboyant, too … too much for self-conscious little me.

So I went to my meeting last week with our West Coast representative for Baby Phat with mixed feelings. Excited as always to see the newest styles and trends and relay them to customers, yet confident I wouldn’t personally be interested in anything. It only took a few minutes of the presentation to prove me wrong.

Baby Phat Ad CampaignAs Adrian from Baby Phat described the brand’s outlook for fall 2008, I was drawn to the cleaner lines, subdued patterns and versatile silhouettes that pervaded the collection. Still not what one would term “simple” (can you imagine anything from Kimora [left] without at least a little bling?), Baby Phat has nonetheless upped their profiles to a satisfyingly sophisticated degree. You’ll still see the club wear with bold logos and sassy felines you’ve come to expect, but now you’ll be noticing some more wearable, work-appropriate details, too. A few styles sport slightly lowered heels rather than the trademark 4” stilettos, while other opt for a concealed or visible front platform to offset the height.

My favorite aspect, though, is the allover scripted logo print that flows across any number of silhouettes and a variety of color combinations. It’s like Coach went bling at a fraction of the cost – what’s not to love?

– Katie