Tonight at our retail store, we will be hosting a launch event and exposition for both Tyler Shorts and Jeffrey Campbell Handbags. First, we have curated a selection of JC Bags just for our store! They are in the shop today—and are up for grabs starting at 7pm. We will host them in the shop for 30 days, and they are also available via phone to our distance and web clients. We will be posted updated inventories and stylized pics after the event today so those of you not in Portland can get in on the bag mania——the Goth Smoked Vinyl Beach tote? Whhaaaaaaaaaaaa? Kill me.

Second we are very proud to be hosting an opening and showing for Portland based and mensa level artist Tyler Shorts. Not only is he now on the crush VIP list of many of our staff members, ahem, he also cranked out some custom shirts for us, featuring, who else? The Olsen ladies! Yep.  Tyler creates, custom portrait inspired one of a kind pieces, often on Tees–using black or colored markers. Featuring iconic images in oversize and visually shocking formats–the work of Tyler Short have quickly become a favorite of our staff.  Tyler says the following about his collective work as an artists, and this current series of portraits:

“Ive always been interested in the challenge of drawing someone and making it recognizable to their character. So portraits have always been my favorite. But I love doing any kind of art whatever it may be. I always worked with graphite and a little prismacolor. Then about five years ago started drawing on shirts with sharpies with the liking of them being one of a kind. A lot of people have asked how the shirt doesn’t snag and move around. It’s all in the pressure of the pen. I also use older markers that have dried out a bit for the lighter shading. That way you don’t have to be so careful. I definitely have messed up some shirts a few hours in though.”

If you are in Portland tonight, swing in for a PBR and to check out the work of Tyler Shorts. JC bags go live tonight…and will be here for 30 days…but are limited to what is on hand! YEP! So good! See you tonight PDX Peeps.