Be Our Guest: Meet Melody, our next Guest Blogger!

We are excited to be bringing Melody to the site starting Monday for another round of guest blogger action. As our guest blogger, Melody will be offering up tips, trends and her favorites from Singapore all next week. Take some time to get to know her below with this Q&A, or take a look at her blog

NAME: Melody

AGE: 18

LOCATION: Singapore!

OCCUPATION: Fashion Student

GREATEST PHOBIA: Losing the people I love in my life

SECRET CRUSH: George Clooney

BEVERAGE OF CHOICE: Juice. I drink all sorts of juices just so I feel better about myself because I eat too much! Its good detox.

DREAM VACATION DESTINATION: Stockholm! I’m the sort of person who doesn’t want to be a complete tourist when I travel, I love embracing everyday life and one of my favorite bloggers happen to be from Stockholm. Even though its such a quaint little city and its cold all the time, I love how the people there know how to have fun with little home parties or picnics and adventures. And If I could visit one day, its something I definitely want to be a part of!

Melody, you are one our first ever guest bloggers, and we are so excited to welcome you to the site and our blog. We are kind of obsessed with MISSING AVENUE and the images you create for it. What would you say is the basic premise behind your blog–what drives the content?

I live my life in fashion, food and photography. So my blog is just a journal for me to share everything that I’m into, or summing up the new adventures I undertake and what I wear. I always have my camera with me because I never want to miss a moment and I guess the images really make up a huge part of Missing Avenue.

We know most of your lifestyle images are of, around, or are staged in SINGAPORE–what inspires you most about your city.

Everything! Singapore is really small so I’m constantly on the look out for new places to explore and make my own adventures. And its finding these new hidden gems that never fail to inspire me.

We have seen a recent increase in Singapore fashion blogs and web presence in general. Who would you say are the TOP bloggers in Singapore we should check out? A blog full of visuals and the crazy adventures Stephanie takes on everyday. Not so much of a fashion blog but definitely so much fun to look at. Nicole, who manages her studio, online boutique and blog all at the same time is so talented.  She is a great lifestyle and fashion photographer who never misses a moment in her photo adventures she undertakes! Capturing love, personality, happiness and style in her photographs, she also shares her take on her own personal style which is so much fun. Franz, who has an amazing eye for detail and photography, puts together different individuals with personal style in Singapore & does it so damn well!

What brands and styles do you like the most from SOLESTRUCK, what shoes inspire you?

I am quite a minimalist when it comes to shoes, so I usually stick to a simple design and neutral colors like brown or black. But I have a weakness for anything above 4 to 6 inches, it makes me feel so good! I love Dolce Vita’s Jemma so much, its simple but so sexy I’d get it in black and leopard! And pair it with my flowy skirts and dresses, denim shorts or jeans. I also love Senso & Sam Edelman for all their boots and crazy-ass high oxfords & wedges. Yum! Honestly, I don’t really go to shoes for inspiration, I just make sure I make them WERQ. IF I’m able to get my hands on them!

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you through your blog?

Once, I had this creep post up a couple of items for sale in a Singapore-based community. BUT whenever someone bought stuff, she would give them my bank account number (I don’t even know how she got it) and so my bank ended up with loads of money overnight. And these ‘buyers’ wouldn’t actually be receiving any of their purchases because they don’t exist. The next morning she sent me a really threatening email with broken english signing off with “HOPE YOU ALL DIE!!!!” it was hilarious to a certain extent, but I made a police report (sadly, they didn’t do much about it..) and returned the money to its rightful owners.

We love that you shop and feature high to low fashions on your blog, but they are always styled seamlessly. With that in mind who are your go to brands/stores/designers for great timeless pieces or high trend impuse buys?

Even though we don’t have Urban Outfitters in Singapore, I absolutely love it! And love it even more when I travel and get to go to the store. Topshop is definitely essential in my life. I don’t buy much designer clothing because I’d just rather have more clothes. And I don’t like to repeat what I wear too often. Otherwise I tend to buy more when I travel, hoping to get something more ‘local’ that Singapore doesn’t have!

Who is on your short-list as fashion inspiration?

Mary-Kate Olsen who is just so amazing in everything she and her sister does, Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine who is to me, the ultimate hippe, models Frida Gustavsson, Abbey Lee Kershaw and who can forget, Kate Moss. When I look to the past, I love Jane Birkin and everything she did.

In ten words or less describe your closet.

Gypsy, hippie, drippy blacks, tutus, vintage, high shoes & an overload of rings on mah fingers! (Ooops thats more than ten but really, my closet has everything!)

It’s a Friday night, we are in Singapore and meet up with you around 10PM, where are you going to take us…and what time will we be back at our hotel?

Firstly, I will bring you to our night safari!!! Which is so much fun. Then at about midnight, i’ll take you guys to our local hawker centers for the best food Singapore can offer you all in a night, then we’d go for some karaoke! And sing the night away. Lets try to make it back at the hotel by half 4 shall we? Then maybe I’d raid everyone’s suitcases and we’ll play dress up till sunrise.

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