Be Our Guest: The SOLESTRUCK Guest Blogger Kickoff

I am guilty of it. I don’t have a lot of shame in admitting—I am addicted to blogs. Many nights you can find me in bed, snugged up under the covers, a few magazines on the night stand holding a chilled bottle of Trader Joe’s finest white, and a little snack. My fingers and eyes race from page to page as I check my favorite blogs, sites, tumblrs and fan pages. My google reader is bursting at the seams—but what can I say—I am addicted!

It was this love of bloggers, creativity and inspiration that inspired us to create the Be Our Guest, blogger hosting progam! We will kick it off this month selecting two guest bloggers who will each get one week during the month to post up to one post a day! We want your take on trending, personal style, music, imagery or whatever you are currently dying over that you think the SOLESTRUCK community needs to know about! This is literally blogger realness!

Each blogger will receive one pair of shoes from the site, up to $200.00, or $200.00 towards your next purchase for you to style for your posts or use as a subject piece. Each blogger will be allowed up to seven posts, and will also feature an interview with each blogger in the form of a brief Q & A. We are open to almost anything—and anyway we can help, or information we can supply—is just an email away. So, to apply simply download the document below, fill out the application and scan it back to me at We will select two bloggers based on your entries—we are looking for creative people who have a fresh point of view, something to say, no matter how established your own blog is! We will accept applications all week—contacting the first guest bloggers by next week, Monday, August 8th. All bloggers not selected will be kept in the mix for next month! Here is an example of what your application might look like! Cannot wait to see what you guys can come up with.

Simply download this form, tell us a bit about yourself and your concept for being our best blogger and we will get it going. We will select two bloggers for this first go round—then go from there! Please fill out the info and return it by August 12th 5pm EST. However if you miss this deadline–don’t fret we will be running this promotion often—seeking out fresh talent and new bloggers!



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