Behind the Brand: 2fer edition

We’ve got so much brand love bursting inside our twisted, shriveled up hearts that we decided to do a two-for-one BTB this week and drop some insider shoe knowledge on to the blogland. It’s a biggie/tupac, east coast vs. west coast type situation. On the right, we’ve got newly formed NY-based MESSECA and on the left is laidback and fashion forward cult fave GEE WA WA. A battle of brands this is not–we are all love people! Shoes will bring us together.

First, we shot a few questions to Julie Messeca, who founded her namesake line with husband Jacques in 2010. We did a pre-sale of a few of our fave MESSECA styles about a month ago and featured them heavily in our s/s ’11 lookbook (below).

First off, give us a mini bio of when and how MESSECA was created…
Messeca is a top shelf, stylish new footwear collection that debuted at FFANY for Fall 2010. The Messeca shoe line is a division of Messeca International which was founded by Jacques Messeca, my husband, a native of Rio de Janeiro, who’s been providing private-label design and sourcing for some of the top U.S. and European retailers since 1992.

Can you describe the essence of MESSECA in just two words? instantly covetable

Design icon? Barbara Bui

Describe a typical day at the office… My husband Jacques and I work alongside each other.   Being as we are a new brand I am involved on certain levels in everything… I help coordinate different areas of the brand such as PR, Sales, and Product development, and everything that has to do with that!  It’s never a dull moment…

What is the focus of your brand? Messeca was developed to fill a gap in the marketplace – to bring high-level/fashion design, expert craftsmanship and instantly covetable, uber-wearable shoes/footwear to trend-conscious women at attainable prices.

Who is the girl of MESSECA? The girl that knows how to wear fashion w an edge, not your everyday styles…

Where do you see the most inspiration coming from? The design team scours the fashion scenes from London, Milan, New York and L.A. Each season is used for inspiration and ideas but mainly, we are inspired from the pulse of NYC…  It never stops!

And on the not frozen-over side of the country, we spoke with Terry Anderson in California, co-founder of GEE WA WA.

What would you say is the main inspiration behind GWW? After years of developing and selling junior shoes and volume priced shoes as the co-founder of Rocket dog with Stephen Hoyt, now co-founder of Blow Fish. Lane Shay, the owner of Gee Wa Wa and I launched the brand with an artisan point of view beginning with hand made boots an shoes featuring exotic leathers that are hand picked from our domestic leather source. The inspiration came from the hand crafted designs of Jim Barnier Sr. The Icon artisan designer of jim barnier artisan footwear.

Even when your line goes in a more extreme direction it always seems to have ties to a boho or more natural kind of look—do you think that is tied to being in Northern Cal?
The natural look of Gee Wa Wa has been the point of view that we have st rived for which becomes difficult at times when high heel dress shoes and more feminine footwear come into the fashion lime light. By sticking with our point of view, continually developing and sourcing new casual, some times rugged leathers has giving Gee Wa Wa an identity that is inspired by the casual life styles of Northern California and the North West. The Gee Wa Wa concept shops in the famous Carmel Bay Company in Carmel  California, Soles 384 in Mill Valley California, Rainsong in Mendocino California, Robat in Berkely California and Sundance Catalog in Salt Lake city are all examples of the Gee Wa Wa special consumer.

Are you working on any new excited shoes for fall ’11 we can alert your Solestruck fans about?
Fall 11 is going to bring more fresh identity’s to Gee Wa Wa. New Oily harness leathers have been developed combined with new rugged burnished Italian out soles. The classic Gee Wa Wa category is expanded using new alligator print leathers, burnished rugged suede’s. A new unique hidden wedge group is something that will be very special for fall 2011. Watch for the new Gee Wa Wa canvas messenger bag. A replica of a US Army 1941 Medic’s bag. Heavy black , natural and khaki canvas.

In ten words or less describe GEE WA WA… Gee Wa Wa artisan footwear with an air of the Bohemian.

Shop the GEE WA WA pre-sale right now, featuring the brand new SHANNON, SADIE, and FLORA.

Get your MESSECA fix HERE.

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