Behind the Brand: Brooklyn's LOTHIAN

We had a friendly old-fashioned echat with the darling Elizabeth from the newly launched LOTHIAN line. She’s the creative juice behind the label while her brother John mans the business back end. This cute Brooklynite has mad love for the 90′s (just like us!) and is bringing the best back to the fashion forefront–with a modern twist of course.

Major style/life inspirations??? Name the big design influences in your life right now…
Disco, My So Called Life, Penny Lane, dream catchers, flower crowns and Cindy Gallop’s apartment.

Go out and drink or stay in and party?
I love a good roof party but nothing beats slipping on hot shoes and a sick outfit and hitting the streets.

We hear you’re based in BROOKLYN— how does Brooklyn factor in to/inform your designs?
Oh, sweet Brooklyn! I’m a born and raised Brooklyn girl…Brooklyn is in my bones… so it definitely informs most of what I do and how I view and interact with the world. In terms of my designs, the streets of Brooklyn act as the hugest inspiration board for me–there are so many straight up characters living together in Brooklyn all you really have to do is sit back and observe and the designs start flowing.

What do you most often dream about?
Awake dreams: Having our own vintage clothing + shoe shop. Owning a house in Greece. Writing the next great American novel.
Sleep dreams: All my teeth falling out. Being in public sans shoes (for real!)

Describe LOTHIAN in 10 words or less.

What’s it like working with your Bro day in and out? Who wins fights??
It’s actually pretty awesome. We each have our separate spheres of running the company–he’s more the business side and I’m more the creative side–so we end up teaching each other a lot. He teaches me lots of biznas principles and I teach him important things like the difference between crushed and regular velvet. We don’t fight often but I always win a fight ;)

Dream celebrity to wear your shoes?
Iris Apfel or Mary Kate Olsen.

Favorite trends for Fall/Winter 11?
Prints on prints. Jewel toned ombre hair. Crushed velvet for days and days and days.

What the hardest part of designing a shoe collection? What’s the most fun?
The hardest part is definitely narrowing down all my ideas–I could design a new shoe for every day of the year!
The most fun is seeing a design that started as just flashes of ideas in my head become a real live shoe that girls can ROCK.