Behind the brand…

Here at Solestruck we are, in fact, quite snobby. We judge, we gossip and we choose favorites based on appearance (among other things). When we feature a new brand on the site, it is purely for the selfish reason that we want them all for ourselves. But unlike bratty cliques of high schools past, we are an inclusive bunch and only want to share the love.

We pick shoes because we have fallen in love with them. Hard. Like any serious crush, we always want to get closer, know more, dig deeper — stalk, essentially — and then spill the goods to all our favorite friends (that’s YOU GUYS!!!!!). Living in the cynical world that we do, its easy to forget that shoe brands are people too! Ergo we wanted to start a recurring feature on the site that would give you all a behind-the-scenes peek at our newest and  most beloved labels…and what makes them so freaking cool.

And so, we present to you…

First on the docket, is our new Danish partners-in-crime Friis & Co. and their specialty blend of luxury shoes for everyday stylish living. One look at their minimalist Scandinavian designs and it was kärlek at first sight.

On Friis’ origins…
In 1997, Lone Friis decided to turn her passion for shoes and accessories into something more. She founded the company Friis & Company, and her dream was to dress the world. From designing small collections of bags and shoes, the collections today hold everything a fashion heart desires, and then some. Friis & Company is a textbook example that creativity is without limitations and cannot be confined, why accessories in our vocabulary can be everything we want them to be. At Friis and Company we are one big fashion family and we breathe the brand, so it can grow and evolve into something new and better.

On the Friis girl…
The Friis Girl has a passion for fashion and a desire to be forever first in fashion. She cannot live with out her killer heals, and she makes the guys turn heads when she crosses the street.

Just a typical day at the office…
The Friis & Company office is all about a warm atmosphere and beautiful décor. We are surrounded by crystal chandeliers, candlelight’s and gilt mirrors. The essence of the office is all about black/white/silver colours, big black bows and diamonds. We see ourselves as one big fashion family, who breathe the brand.

The aesthetic goal of their shoe line…
Desirable, trendy and forever wanted. I love that we always manage to capture the essence of style, high fashion and beautiful details.

Expect to see more of the Friis & Co. Spring 2011 line — hitting Solestruck in the next couple of months! We’re so happy to be sharing the luxury love. In the meantime,  we have six styles on the site that you can SHOP NOW!

Next up, we’ll talk strange and style with the crazy kids over at cult fave IRREGULAR CHOICE.

  • fashion junkie

    My feet will thank you for these shoes! Love them. :)


  • Fashion Agony
  • Crissy

    I’m all googly eyed over the grey Piannas!

  • PDXsolefan

    These are super cute! Can’t wait to see whats to come… Thanks for the great bio!!

  • Emily A

    Blue suede shoes?

    Yes please……
    I feel so honored to be in the know : )

  • Jay B

    You make me shoe crazy!

  • http://Website Foster

    Love it, keep ‘em coming!

  • http://Website dodie

    I never would have ordered these shoes if my daughter-in-law had not forced me. How cool to get out of my comfort zone and be in style/fashion forward again (like 25 years ago). Everyone comments on these shoes; I love it. I enjoy reading the descriptions of the shoes, in fact that really helped me make my choice, but getting the ‘behind the scenes’ look is great. It really does make me feel like I am included in the cool girls clique (which of course I am in again after buying these blue shoes).