BTS: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

As you know, we’ve been gearing up for issue 2 of our magazine, FIRST TIME. This issue, The Childhood Issue, is something that resonates with everyone and it’s something that’s so unique to every individual; this is partly why we’re so excited to begin work on it’s contents. Although this issue is focused on being submission heavy (because we wanna get to know you, girl), we wanted to put our 2 cents in, also. The creative dept. is producing two main editorials for the mag and here’s a little behind the scenes action for the shoot from Sunday!

First stop: EDEN
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Their shop cat was killing me. Way too hard to focus when a fluffy cat is playing patty cake with itself in the mirror.

Photographer Brendan Coughlin doin’ his thang

Eden is one of those magical places that you never want to leave; everything in there is like a dream come true. I could try and explain it to you, but it’s just nothing compared to experiencing it for yourself. It was the perfect first location for the shoot.

Next stop: Sauvie Island

Beachy, woodsy goodness. Perfect for the vibe of the shoot.

The Urchin Redesign dresses we pulled for the shoot were just flat out JAW DROPPING. These are all hand made and redesigned by Sonia in her Portland, OR studio and you definitely need to check it out!
Urchin Website / Urchin Facebook

FIRST TIME is set to launch it’s second edition, The Childhood Issue, early this year. So, stay tuned!


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