Behind the Scenes: MAYA

What fall boot are you most excited to get your hands on?

I mean holy amaze, there are so many goodies. But I would have to say the Lovich…or the Tripoli…or the Arnott…and I DO plan on selling my soul to buy the Acne Pistols. It’s going to be an expensive Fall.

What Styles have been your summer go tos?

I have literally worn my Teramo Spikes every other day since I bought them. Plus if someone tries to jump me, kicking them is way easier than digging around in my purse for my pepper spray.

Fave fashion idol?

Right now I’m trying to be Kate Moss in the 90′s (Johnny can come too).

Sad to see summer go, or excited to see fall arrive? 

NO QUESTION. EXCITED TO SEE FALL ARRIVE. My jack-o-lantern tattoo needs to make it’s thematic debut.

What trend are you dying to try next season?

I was hesitant about the sneaker wedge, but now I’m all about it. Also, I hear that burgundy is the new black and I could be pretty into that. That being said, let me make one thing clear– NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE NEW BLACK, but I’m excited to see burgundy try.

Guilty pleasure? Spill it!

Country Grammar radio on Pandora. If you wanna rock out with me, Nelly, and 50 cent, please stop by the store. Dead serious.

Favorite in store pop up (past or future)?

Unif all the way. Although, there are some surprises in the works for Fall/Winter that I am DYING for.

What are your favorite spots in the hood to hit up after work?

Well the Annex is always great, especially in the summer. Fall/winter jam would have to be Clyde Common.

Where can you be found if not at Solestruck?

School, gross.





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