Bernhard Willhelm AW13


Bernhard Willhelm 2013 is coming.

The German designer’s latest fashion show display confirmed what we already knew: the man is a psycho, and we love him for it. Via NOWFASHION:

“Always about transcending fashion hierarchies, one could interpret Willhelm’s latest fashion performance like another sarcastic take on the fashion industry. At today’s show in the Carousel du Louvre, the models – which were all professional dancers – celebrated in a primitive-like ceremony – a fashion show?  The dancers gathered around boulders that were strategically placed around a giant lipstick – let’s call it Lipstick Island – where they mimicked the behavior of wild animals, and ended by war-painting their own faces by rubbing them against the giant red cosmetic stick.”

……… I mean…….. basically…… love. So off-the-charts of everything else in fashion. How could we not.




Untitled2(omgomg they’re in MONOCHROME this season)

Untitled3(I spy a brand new sole design…)



Bernhard Willhelm x Camper
Coming soon for women and men
<3, Solestruck

all images via Geoffrey Lillemon and A Magazine