OSBORN DESIGN STUDIOS is based in Greenpoint Brooklyn. On the quiet end of a busy street, their team sits above the moving streets creating shoes, changing lives and living out a passion. This passion is OSBORN SHOES.

Manufactured, produced and created in Guatemala, each shoe is signed by the shoe-artist that creates each pair–his stamp is inked on the sole before each pair is boxed up and prepared to ship to the US. The production facility is small but the workers are loyal, strong and steady–combining regional and traditional fabrics to the shapes and bodies of the shoes. This vertically integrated manufacturing practice sets Osborn in a field all its own, creating a work environment that is sweat shop free, worker driven and brand focused.

Most of the shapes are unisex, composed of fabric, and all are priced amazingly well. We have been super happy with the brand here at and think should take a look at this latest shipment! The mens bootie above has become a favorite with staffers and regular shoppers. Stay tuned as we bring you more from new brands like OSBORN.

See all three styles we are stocking HERE.