Both of these things made me dance, and scream the word "QUE!?"

We have been really needing some TALL boot action! Man cannot live on ankle boots alone, although, it’s not a bad look we admit! This new boot from Dolce Vita (love the Jemma boot? Meet its taller, sexxier sister!). Meet the Jules. When I saw this boot–I knew this would be my return to the knee boot for 2011. It is perfect for all my 70′s chic looks I will be working later this fall. QUE FUERTE!

My second instance of screaming QUE! recently, was when my bestie from Iceland posted this video on his Facebook. He is always finding the best youtubes, but this one sent me over the roof! love the video, love the song, love it all, now I am dancing. QUE!

  • Sonya-shoes

    I would like to get this boots to. It’s realy beautiful!