[our newest arrival from Sweden, the SPACE SHOE WEDGE from MiniMarket]

Celebrated fashion and lifestyle blog, BROOK & LYN, just dropped an update from their adventures in Stockholm Sweden. Created by NYC boutique owner and designer, the blog is dedicated to the never ending hunt of the style rarities, the evolution of personal style and found treasures. (You should also check out their accessories line!) In a recent post from Sweden Mimi gushed about her newest Swedish fixation: MINI-MARKET. She is not alone! This season, we have been pleased to introduce the premium brand of hard to find Swedish shoes. Created with clean shapes, great prints and forward design, the collection has done very very well for us on the site. Check out the images below from Brook & Lyn of the WOOD WEDGE, which we have currently available on our site—with a back-up order in transit from Sweden. In the closing lines of her post, Mimi questioned why more stores in the US don’t carry the line—well Mimi, give us a call!

Please Visit their blog for more breathtaking images, updates and trend alerts. Get it HERE.