BTS: Solestruck Miista Style Contest Shoot


Last month we held a 3 week long contest that gave one lucky guy or girl a chance to be flown to London and style a photoshoot with one of our favorite brands- Miista. Very unfortunately, our first winner was not able to make the trip, but another of Miista’s favorite contestants, Kamila (@squirrel_woman), rose to the occassion!

Miista flew her straight to Hackney and brought her in to start the photoshoot prep..

photo 1

photo 2

We also sent over our Creative Director, Ty McBride, to hang out with our lucky winner and get us these awesome behind the scenes shots!

photo 5

Kamila and our Creative Director, Ty

We were also very fortunate to have blogger Alice Point drop by the shoot!



Some of the incredible shoes we got to work with today – from the Miista Midnight Waters collection


Our winnner, Kamila, putting together looks for the shoot


Makeup prep by the lovely Bea Sweet

And let the magic begin..


photo 1


First looks with major babe model, Kit Alexander

photo 4


Our other beauty of the day, Ash Haliburton, wearing one of the coolest outfits ever


Miista babe, Georgie Bee, on set

photo 3



Hair genius, Liam Curran, putting finishing touches on Kit


Our superstar photog for the day, Emma Gibney, capturing the magic

photo 2


One of my fav product shots from the day of the Miista ‘Ona’ boots


Stylist PC Williams helping select finals with the crew

photo 5

And that’s a wrap!

Honestly cannot thank everyone involved in this shoot enough. One of the highlights of our year and what a success! Can’t wait to see the finals and blast that shit out! And one last major shoutout to our winner, Kamila- I hope you had the time of your life and that this will be an experience to remember forever! We were so lucky to get to hang out with you and see your talent up close and in person!


Models: Kit Alexander (@kitalexander) + Ash Halliburton (@__teeth__)
Photographer: Emma Gibney (Blog / @emmagibneyphoto)
Stylists: Kamila Garczynska (Blog / @squirrel_woman)
Hair: Liam Curran (Website / @liamcurranhair)
Makeup: Bea Sweet (Website / @beasweetmakeup)

Big thanks to the entire Miista crew (@miistashoes) for partnering with us on this contest! And thanks so much to 63Sunstudio for letting us use this great space!

  • Rielle Barbosa

    Hi! I just wanted to ask what brand and where did you get the bronze halter neck skater dress shown in photo 6 and 20 (counting from top to bottom) ? It is gorgeous! Thank you so much and have a happy new year!