While Spain is primarily known for cured meats, men in tight jeans, seafood delicacies and paella for days–it has also been recognized as one of the great shoe manufacturing countries of the world. CAMPER, which is widely known as one of the strongest remaining shoe brands still thriving in Spain—is delivering a collection for men and women which is stronger than ever. Known for comfort and design, you can easily see that lots of thought is given to every detail, highlighting the true craftmanship of their shoes.

The LAURA available now on SOLESTRUCK is the perfect example of summer perfection. The lightweight wooden wedge, padded footbed, and leather sandalized upper make the demi-wedge a go to for summer activities like drinking on patios, walking to parties, looking cute and carefree when you see an ex, biking to the lake, jumping on the subway or exploring the city after calling sick into work! Viva los Campers!

Check out the LAURA now and the entire collection here at SOLESTRUCK. To get a better idea of how rad CAMPER is and to check out all the amazing designy side projects they are doing–simply visit their site at