I often receive the same question from my friends (and even acquaintances) here in Singapore:

“Don’t you ever get hot under all those clothes!?!”

-and the answer is always, “Nope, not really!”

You might think I’m the type who live by the “fashion > comfort” mantra, but that’s not always true. Living on a tropical island has its limitations, and yes we can’t don suave winter staples like timeless trench coats, fur opulence or even turtlenecks, but I enjoy the challenge of dressing up in a functional, Singaporean manner.

Like many fashion individuals, I never let limitations (including public death stares) hinder me from expressing my style unapologetically. SO, a few nights back, my two fashion homies, Hosanna & Melody, and I went to a supermarket to snap a mini fashion series in spirit of being out-there! Huzzah!

Channeling a red bell-pepper vibe (ha!)
pink knit jumper from Zara // leather vest from TOPSHOP // pants from Local Boutique // constance belt from Hermes // accessories from Cartier & We Are Rubbish //  AREAS MAN BOOTS from THE DAMNED.

Allow me introduce my fashion accomplice, Melody Tan.
A model swan looking to the nines in Lanvin x H&M tutu dress… in a supermarket! Vogue, no?

ALL THE RICE SACKS CRUMBLED DOWN, and I suffered quite the fall… but Hozzie helped me out!

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run better run, out run my gun ;)

Here’s the only photo I have of the three of us. We were tip-toeing around quietly (believe it or not) so that we wouldn’t get caught by staff!

Melody (, a princess for sale

Hosanna (of, who snapped all these funky photos

and me (of!

Just in case you missed the behind-the-scenes video in the previous post, here it is again for you guys!