CASHY makes 2011 start off right

Remember 2010? Us neither. As a refresher, back in December we did a 12 DAYS OF JEFFREY giveaway on this here blog where we played Santa and gave away 12 pairs of our most popular JC styles. One such lucky layday was blogger Zarna, who nabbed a sweet pair of CASHY thanks to her sassy, take-no-prisoners resolution to grab 2011 by the platforms and take charge!

Well Zarna seems to be sticking to her NY resolution quite well thankyouverymuch (she just became a contributor to Vogue India!) and she recently posted some pics of her Solestruck bounty on her blog Zarna’s Runway.

Let’s just say, we are LOVIN’ the Cosby/CASHY combo!! Get your own CASHY and follow Zarna’s stylish lead for a rich 2011 HERE.

Images via zarna’srunway