How to extend the life of your shoe

When you invest in a quality pair of leather comfort clogs like the Indigo by Clarks Orange, you probably think, “I’ll be wearing these for a long time.” You want to make the most of your new shoes, and why not? They’re versatile, stylish, and comfortable, too.

Shoe TreeHowever, even the finest quality leather upper can crack or crease over time, and perspiration from your feet will no doubt accumulate in the lining. To combat this, you also ought to invest in shoe trees (left).

Shoe trees mimic the shape of a foot and are placed inside a shoe to help preserve its shape. Some types are created from plastic with a coiled metal spring stem, but the highest quality are formed of solid wood (usually cedar) which also allows them to absorb moisture and help control odor. Shoe trees are also valuable when you’re polishing or buffing a shoe, as it maintains the shoe’s shape while you’re working on it.

There’s also another type of shoe tree … a tree literally draped with shoes … but that’s a topic for another post ;)