Every time we get in a fresh shipment of LITA in glitter (or any color for that matter) the following happens:

1. The site experiences more hits than a Justin Bieber live VLOG from his tour bus. (I actually checked google on this one.)

2. As sizes sell out (usually in under 120 minutes) our phones light up as desperation and fear fills the minds of those who may have missed their size or color. This usually, but not always involves tears. Our team of customer service experts talk people down—bring it back–and help in any way possible. We are here for you–like a safety net of open arms and ears.

3. Those who snagged their size—take to our FB and TWITTER letting the world know they have finally snatched up LITA and are now faithfully sitting by their door until UPS arrives.

This my friend, is how i will spend my Thursday. Happy Shopping. Limited Supplies of the LITA in Silver GLITTER have just launched on the site and we have more black, black glitter, multi-glitter on their way from your friends at Jeffrey Campbell.

  • http://Website Ashley Vanneman

    yes Yes YES!!!!

  • http://Website Tara

    This is exactly how it goes and how I feel haha, but usually I about have a panic attack before the shoes go on the site and once they hit the site worrying that I won’t get the shoes. Its really stressful for me I can’t imagine how stressed you guys get at solestruck.