Chat With Shaun


He’s a boy we’ve already obsessed about many times before on our blog and Facebook page. Plastered all over the pages of i-D, Vogue and GQ. Modeled for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. Worked with Katy Perry, Rick Genest, Adrej Pejic, and now Lana Del Rey–to name a few. Shaun is unmistakeable, beautiful, determined, funny, young, open minded and, above all, infectiously positive. After modeling for Solestruck Men’s Fall 2013 lookbook “History of the Universe,” we stole some time to chat with the menswear maverick himself and peek deeper into his brain. We liked what we saw:

Katyperry goat legs et

Hi Shaun! In one word, how are ya?

We’re so excited and proud of History of the Universe. Thanks for working with us on this!
No problem, I’m very excited about everything coming out. Solestruck is a great platform for not just shoes, but style in general. It allows people to kind of have an imagination with shoes. I think its really cool. I feel really clear with a lot happening in life right now, I’m excited. Feeling re-born, even.

It seems like everyone’s been inspired by your unique look and wanting to work with you these days. Do you find clients commonly portray you in a certain way when they hire you?
I think that clients like to portray me as an ominous, mystical creature of some sort; but then I feel there are people who want to portray me as myself. It always depends–like in Lana’s new film, I don’t play anything mystical. I’m just a normal person. It really depends, but yeah–many times people like for me to seem a certain, dark way.

Does it ever bother you that you’re portrayed that way?
I take it as “thats how the industry works.” How do you say, like, people have to do what they have to do to get to where they need to get. Until I get to the point of having more of a say, I’m just working really hard.


Can you tell me more about #inmyskiniwin?
InMySkinIWin started out as a hashtag. On a plane to Miami a woman sent me pictures of her child, who has Albinism. I was so inspired by how confident she seemed, and wanted to do something to promote it. The plane was taking off, and I just decided to just start a hashtag, not even knowing what I was gonna say. I want it to turn into a platform. Something people can look up to if they struggle with their albinism.

What are your goals with being a public figure?
I never actually reveal my goals, because if I tell my goals I just don’t think they’ll be met. But in whatever it is that I do, I do my best for it to come out good. I want to be iconic!

Anything exciting happening soon?
A special project with Lana Del Rey is happening, as well as a project with America’s Next Top Model. I can’t say anything about either of those projects, but I can tell you that Lana was great? We had a pretty inspirational talk.


What your you personally loving for Fall?
I wanna give, like, clean [omg Shaun, best line]. I wanna do comfort, like amazing sweats with sneakers—but not like everyone doing the 90′s b-boy goth chic, im not that style.

What’s your favorite shoe from the shoot?
The Kenzo shoes were super super cute…. Do you have a contact?

Haha, of course we do bb!



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