We’re cheap every day of the week—and proud of it!! Gone are the days of shying away from a good deal. The new fashionisia brags about her discount scores and sneaky tricks to save a buck (or $100). This high-fashion, low price trend is one of the reasons we obsess over CHEAP MONDAY. The Swedish brand gives us so much style for our dollar that we also feel guilty about it.

Which is why to celebrate the launch of our exclusive pre-sale launch of select spring styles from CM, we’ve got some killer giveways to gift you! EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

Just leave a comment here, on fb or twitter with your favorite CHEAP TRICK. Could be a sweet designer score you wear over and over again (it’s all about CPW—cost per wear!), 99 cent drugstore eyeliner, or that instead of spending $150 on La Mer you prefer a giant tub of aquaphor.

Each day this week, we’ll pick our favorite CHEAP TRICK—and send that person a CHEAP MONDAY ACCESSORY (one or a few!) from our goodiebag stash below!

It’s time for CHEAP MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY! Spill your secrets, girls. A true recessonista doesn’t miss an opportunity for some awesome freebies.

While your at it. Shop our CHEAP MONDAY PRESALE.

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  • Mia jordan

    Instead of getting my oversized shirts fitted, I just pin the back with a safety pin! This has saved my life countless times. :P

  • Allison

    Baby powder as dry shampoo. SO GREAT when you have short bangs that like to get greasy!

  • Mary

    Before I hit up any stores in the mall, I go to the thrift store a few minutes away and go for a browse. I’ve found the most amazing combat boots, pretty blouses and perfect purses at my local thrift store. I get complimented on my one-of-a-kind thrifted pieces more than I do on my other clothes.

  • Emily Miller

    I exchanged an expensive perfect fitting Urban Outfitters belt my aunt got me for one that was on sale so I could get the extra change. The belt I have now is about two sizes too big…I just safety pin it around my waist and usually hide the make shift tailoring job with a sweater =]

  • Melisa

    First and foremost, I follow this rule when shopping:
    Don’t impulse buy!

    I buy what I know will be worn often, and in many different ways. For example, I purchased a blazer (quite pricey) two months ago. Before whipping out my card I thought about my wardrobe at home and played around with different outfits in my head. I came up with 5-7 outfits I could wear this blazer with. Another thing I considered is if it can be dressed up and dressed down (it can). This multiplied how many times I can wear this blazer x2.

    It’s definitely all about the CPW for me.

  • C. Mason

    One secret: Sewing! lol I taught myself how to sew when I was 12, and I’ve never stopped! Thrifting $5 men’s jeans and turning them into high-waisted skinnies comparable to the American Apparel ones or putting velcro on leather jacket sleeves to make my winter jacket into a summer vest are the kinds of things that keep me fashionable AND able to eat! I even got shoes %50 percent off for a broken zipper — just tore out the old and put a new one in.

  • steph steele

    Wear my brother’s old RAF [royal air force] combat jacket which is huge, and has a broken zip, and smelt a bit old at first, but it looks damn amazing. He also has these million-pocketed canvas backpacks which are great. And recently I found a khaki quilted jacket as well!

  • sophi

    Accessories is a must before you go out :)

  • Anny

    im not sure if it was submitted earlier but here is my post again.

    buy belts in the kids section. chances are they won’t fit at your hips but they make great waist belts! especially the boys section!

    i hope my post goes through this time!!!!!!!


  • Treena

    I brush on glitter nail polish over manicured nails that are starting to wear out so that I can have a few extra days before heading to the nail spa again and still find all the nail imperfections

  • Mai

    Don’t think my comment went through earlier but i’ll try again:

    When drinking herbal teas (especially green tea) save the tea leaves and pop them in the refrigerator. Next time your skin needs a bit of a boost mix the leaves with a bit of manuka honey and/or greek yoghurt and use as a face mask or a cleanser or if you add a bit of sugar even a wonderful exfoliator!

    This has saved me loads of money that i usually would’ve wasted on expensive skin care products every month!
    Now i can keep my skin radiant without the cost and without the chemicals.

  • Ashley

    Don’t waste money on expensive basics. Rather than spending twenty dollars on a name-brand tank top, you can buy about ten tank tops at Forever 21 for the same price. There is no point spending excess cash on something so plain, plus the quality barely varies at the different price points. Save your hard-earned cash for a statement making piece that you’ll feel amazing in- such as some Jeffree Campbell booties :)

  • Asha

    I look through magazines to see what’s in fashion – get ALL the style tips (In the newsagents, of course a true recessonista wouldn’t actually buy them!!) And then go look for them, or things like them, in the sale section! I also make my own jewellery and wear simple outfits so all I need to buy is basics! And my jewellery is free! I save on my outfits so I can SPEND on my shoes! And also the only rule I follow “only fill your closet with things you love so that you ALWAYS look your best!” Because as long as you’re confident in what you’re wearing it won’t matter how much you have spend and you can rock it from head to toe!!!!

  • Michelle P

    Designer Perfume Samples

    I’ve got a collection of designer sample but never ever shelled out a penny! I just subscribe/complete a survey to get all the freebies :)

  • Deana Kneen

    Instead of hemming pants I use two sided sewing tape, so that if I ever want them a little longer or shorter it’s an easy fix.

  • Jordana Dec

    I love samples! You can get Mary Kay samples, samples from Navy’s at times, Sephora….lots of places, so I take advantage of them! I also love when grocery stores (like the one I work for) does a display change or switches out product for something newer because they disco the heck out of the products! I bought eyeliner, blush, bronzed, tinted moisturizer, and eye shadow in one visit for under about $20.

  • Katie

    I search second hand stores and charity shops for vintage jewellery. Picked up a 15 carat gold ring for £15!

  • Tóta

    Tumblr is a great place to get your fashion inspiration and it is for free! Then you can go crazy at thrift stores for what you want and save up for some awesome shoes! (that’s what I do!!)

  • Emasaurus Rex

    Carry a cat with you…everywhere.

  • Jennifer

    I’ll eat lollipops instead instead using a lip stain or lipstick.
    Grape for fall and winter time. Cherry and orange for spring and summer – yum!

  • Judy

    When you don’t have lipstick on you, dab some blush on your lips!
    Do the same for a dry spot with chapstick.

  • Yen

    I just thrift for trendy clothes and accessories rather than going to the mall and paying 10x the price for something that is of lesser quality!

  • Jem

    I trade in my old clothes at places like Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closets, and Crossroads so I can get all of the latest trends for free!

  • Emily

    I just started using baking soda instead of shampoo and apple cider vinegar instead of conditioner. I never have to spend a bunch just to clean my hair, and my actually is actually softer and healthier than ever before.

    To avoid having to spend a lot on a bunch of outfits, I primarily buy pieces that can be switched up a lot to make it look like a different item. A form-fitting dress can be a skirt and t-shirt the next day. A button-down shirt can be buttoned, unbuttoned, tied, worn around the waist, etc etc. The possibilities are limitless.



  • http://Website Mars

    I ALWAYS save my receipts. When I rummage through the sales section and find something I like, I buy them. Usually after a week or two, they are 50% less than on top of the original sale price. If I find exact same item I bought (ie: size & color).. I use the old receipt to return the new item I bought. Works every time! ;)

  • Laura Elston

    Recently aided my Mother’s wardrobe for all of her clothes she wore when she was my age….instant new vintage wardrobe for free!

  • http://Website Catherine

    Who said you have to spend $100 on a shirt? Well, you don’t! I usually go to thrift stores and search through ALL of the sections because you’d never know what gems you’ll find! I always find trendy pieces for really cheap! You can find cute loafers and badass combat boots at thrift stores. I found a pair of awesome Cheap Monday jeans that flatter my figure so well for so a great price! :D Also, pick up some pieces from thirft stores and recreate it to fit your style. I bought a denim jacket and I studded it myself. I also go through my parents old clothes. I am currently using my mom’s vintage Chanel bag.

  • http://Website Rachel

    You don’t even need to leave the house for new inspiration- check out mums wardrobe or even grandmas. You’ll be amazed at the vintage beauties you’ll find that are probably selling in stores somewhere now!

  • runa

    in the norway it’s really cold in the winter, so even if you wear jeans without wool tights under you’re terribly cold all the time. some days you’ll be freezing even when wearing wool. i’ve got a lbs (little black skirt) that i love to wear, and that looks good with everything, but even with a wool pantyhose it’s not warm enough. so from november to march (it’s REALLY cold here) i always wear two x wool pantyhose (against the cold) and 1 x thinner pantyhose (to protect the wool ones from damage), and it’s always warm enough!

  • Samantha B

    I hate outfit repeating!! But i can’t afford buying new clothes everyday so i cheat and my trick is to create a completely new outfit by adding a whole heap of new accessories (shoes, jewelry, headband) and even cutting up a top or old pair of jeans for a great new summer look. its all about making the best use of everything you own. don’t waste anything!

  • http://Website Koyna

    My cheap trick is when my clothes get a bit old and boring. I mix the up. Lace from one shirt, print from one, lining from another. And VOILA! I have a whole new piece now. :)

  • http://Website Olivia Shutey

    Beauty on the cheap: Cetaphil. Saved my skin over and over, less than 5$ a bar, lasts forever and has worked better at curing my mild acne than any 100$ + treatment from the dermatologist

    Fashion on the cheap: One expensive purchase per season, the rest on sale/thrifted. I DIY absolutely everything, buy studs/ spikes and do your own! the trends with those right now cost hundreds, yet you can get them for less than 20$. Rit Dye is fabulous for those ombre denim trends right now, I’ve done jeans/shorts/ blouses/ skirts…amazing for less than a starbucks frap.

  • Holly Brown

    I have blonde hair that needs to be coloured at least every 4-6 weeks and I live a 3 hour plane ride from my mum who’s a hairdresser. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to refresh my blonde locks before I see her again, I sprinkle a little talc or baby powder and this gives an instant cover to my darker coloured roots. Cheap tricks!

  • Walaa

    I just go to a thrift store find any piece of clothing that people would not go for, then I will buy buttons, fur, string or whatever is in the thrift store to design the shire/shorts/dress ect. and it will look as good as new. :)

  • kenke Danmole

    I think the cheapest CHEAP style TRICK , is one that cost no money at all!

    Trust me! digging deep into your wardrobe can feel like you have just gone shopping! Fashion has a wonderfully unique Karma complex of ‘What goes around come back AROUND’ so when you do buy things invest in GOOD pieces that you know will be relevant to you and your personal style.

    The TRICK will be to take care of the precious clothes you have and keep the looking brand NEW ( or that stylish worn out look if you want lol).

    Go shopping in that Personal Boutique of yours that is your wardrobe and get creative and reinvent ( maybe even customise) at NO COST AT ALL.

    I think thats the cheapest you can get?
    :D xxx

  • http://Website Donna

    When I have the urge to shop for something new but can’t spend very much – I go ‘shopping’ in my own closet! I reorganize and find things I haven’t worn, and make new outfits! I also take clothing from my closet and if I love the fabric but not the style I reinvent it by sewing it into something new!
    Trust me this is great! I have a 10 yr old little fashionista and make her things as well out of my unwanted garments! DIY is definitely for the cheap, ahem – girl on a budget:))

  • Sundae

    Im a DIY (Do it YOURSELF) type of girl. For cheetah studded flats, I go to DSW,great for cheap shoes and loads of discounts, and load up. I buy spikes on ebay and glue them on. I use the same spikes for my blazers, wallets, purses, and jackets. It’s a cheap way to add a vintage appeal to your wardobe!

  • http://Website Christine Miller

    Hmmm, I wanted a cheap black down vest so I went to the boys department and brought at XL. Score, I get compliments on it all the time. Also the other day, I went to Forever 21….good deals for basics and some trendy stuff. 1 sweater, cotton cardigan, and 3 (plain, striped and attached floral flowers)tops….22.00 and some change(tax included). Save some money on clothing purchases so I can get killer shoes.

  • Maycie

    I sift through recent runway photos then I make what I like. Not only is making clothes fun but it’s less expensive too. That’s my sneaky trick to save a buck or two.

  • Elly

    I love looking through my parents’ closets! They’re completely open to giving me some of their old clothes and I always manage to get a few great vintage finds! They’ve lived through many eras and when old trends resurface I can easily find a great flare jean or maxi skirt.

  • April

    I take advantage of yard sales, thrift stores and local overstock companies for clothes, and makeup. You would be surprised what type of vintage things you can find.

  • Adele

    DIY colourful socks to wear with black heels or black wedges- second hand shops usually have rolls of lace lying around to also make your own frilly socks with a quick tun of a sewing machine.

    Frilly socks can be used to dress down a pair of creepers or combat boots and colourful socks with heels can be used for daytime or to add a splash of colour

  • Angela

    When I don’t try so hard to put an outfit together, the result comes out better than I expected. My style secret, I would say, is just letting my outfits come together naturally instead of forcing it.

  • Lilian

    I STEAL! As in stealing my dad’s really big tank to wear as an oversized tank dress. Or my brother’s shirt/sweater for an oversized preppy look. I also always google for coupons whenever I do online shopping. They’ve saved me countless amount of $$!

  • darcy

    head scarves! multifunctional perfection. tie one onto your bag or around your wrist or neck. i love putting a big bow around my high bun. or… y’know, you could probably wear it around your head too.

  • Shanice

    I wear tights with everything & everything looks good with it. The more black , the more better you’ll look. !!

  • http://n/a sdb

    coupons. i’m totally into using shopper docket coupons. it’s lame but it can really save. particularly the petrol coupons.

  • Anna

    Instead of buying overpriced “Semi-skinned Grande Coffee Latte” every day I invested in a sweet little italian Cafètiere for the office. That way I can easily make my own coffee creations with a package of good Espresso and organic milk.

  • Tarilyn

    Wearing my brother’s oversized shirts with leggings/skinny jeans! It looks amazing and it is free! Ha! I always pair them with my favorite pair of boots and I am good to go!

  • Sheyla

    I cut off the sleeves of Hanes t-shirts and then accessorize with a scarf or statement necklace. People always think it’s an expensive top.

  • http://Enalie.behance Eilane

    To sometimes create complexity on simplicity and vice versa. Every accessories, drape and details enhance visual aesthetic. I’ll create dynamics and subtle through accessories like scarf, hats, pins and many more that creates a fashion sense to you and not for others. That little detail do make a differences.

  • Fashion Magnolia

    Good sunnies make every outfit better.

  • Z


  • Kim

    No matter what I wear, confidence is an inexpensive wardrobe necessity.

  • Melisa Sing

    To add to my comment above:

    Think about it, ladies. Your favorite boutique is buying stuff from wholesale companies for roughly $3-5 a pop and charging you ~$60. How INSANE. Buying it from the companies yourself is the way to go!

  • Karen

    I “distress” my old jeans myself to save some skrilla!

  • Imsu

    Raid your mom and dad’s closet and find vintage designer goodies. I’ve found Yves Saint Laurent, Rayban, and Dior. Try it, I’m serious!

  • Helen

    Belly chain no matta what ur wearing!

  • Ling

    I hack off the collars off my old shirts and wear them as a neck accessory!

  • Saskia Little

    For quick lip color in an emergency (what ever that might be) give your lips a light nibble and apply lip balm/chap-stick. Your lips will appear rosie and perfectly colored.

  • Candice chin

    Go to a thrift store, buy a preloved leather bag. Find a nice vintage scarf at the same store. Tie it to the bag. TA DA. An expensive looking bag (possibly Hermes style), at a low price ;)

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