I used to work with this babe back in the day when he modeled for the place I worked at and now he’s giving Cobra Snake a run for his money with his insanely good lifestyle photos. He’s even been featured on Oyster! We’re pretty obsessed with his latest batch, straight from Coachella. We weren’t able to be there, but these make us feel like we were for every scuzzy, perfect moment of it! Take a peek:

John Kilar_Coachella_25

John Kilar_Coachella_24

John Kilar_Coachella_23

John Kilar_Coachella_22

John Kilar_Coachella_21

John Kilar_Coachella_20

John Kilar_Coachella_19

John Kilar_Coachella_18

John Kilar_Coachella_17

John Kilar_Coachella_16

John Kilar_Coachella_15

John Kilar_Coachella_14

John Kilar_Coachella_13

John Kilar_Coachella_12

John Kilar_Coachella_11

John Kilar_Coachella_10

John Kilar_Coachella_9

John Kilar_Coachella_8

John Kilar_Coachella_7

John Kilar_Coachella_6

John Kilar_Coachella_5

John Kilar_Coachella_4

John Kilar_Coachella_3

John Kilar_Coachella_2

John Kilar_Coachella_1

See more of his work here.