Color coded for spring

New SPRING PKGE just arrived from Easter bunny JC! 99 Tie. Lita’s. Mariel and Subee.

How many shoes can you fit in your basket…?

  • Lisa Ann

    Easter is my favorite holiday!! And I luv stale peeps… Kinda gross, huh? I just got a paycheck, and I’m kinda likin’ these new colors. ;o)

    Gave my blog a little makeover. Check it out…

    ❤ Lisa Ann

    • ty

      Your update is good!

  • Karla

    Omg Lisa- I <3 stale peeps, too!

    I also LOVE the lavender 99 Ties <3

  • http://Website Lin

    I love it all!

  • Teresa

    Where are those aqua Litas??!! Come on…. AQUA LITAS!!

  • Andy

    pretty colors … I like