Coming soon to a shoe boutique near you!

Sneak Peek

I know y’all love to get the inside scoop about all the latest and greatest in footwear and fashion. I know y’all love to shop at my favorite shoe destination–

So, I’ve decided to play nice and give you a sneak peek. The shoes above aren’t even on the site yet! But you can definitely look forward to these cool styles in just a few days. As the photographer for, I’m lucky enough to have sneak peeks every day!

That said, keep your eyes peeled for sexy slip-on, knee-high boots; cool X-strap stilettos; industrial mary janes; and European-inspired trainers!

And that lovely, lovely lady to the bottom left? Well, she doesn’t have much to do with the stacks of premier shoes, but that’s Julie. She’s our utterly fabulous customer-service guru–and my office mate; therefore rendering her relevant to this blog post.

Happy weekend, friends!




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