Confessional: Freak of Nature


Hi, I’m André: creative intern for Solestruck Men’s. I just directed our January men’s moodbook, and I’m so relieved at the end result!

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.00.45 PM

My typical tasks consist of writing, social media, creative brainstorming and assisting our men’s buyer Henry (click here to put faces to names), but I was recently presented with the opportunity to direct the first men’s moodbook for 2014. From photography to styling, location scouting, model casting, conceptualizing scenes and directing graphic design, it was quite the task.

The vision: present a man who lives alone, relying upon nature’s energy to survive–dramatized of course with a Solestruck shoe closet and stylings from Bernhard Willhelm and Y-3. With the insane climate taking hold over North America this month, it seemed like the perfect chance to go outdoors in a non-summer-y way. The true second model in this editorial is, of course, all of the nature elements. We trudged through mud pits to find the “Witch’s Castle,” endured high-speed winds on an arctic beach, stressed endlessly about fragile taxidermy, racked our brains about which flavor of chips we wanted at the gas station–it was a grueling but beautiful two days of shooting.

image (2)

Henry posing for a glamour shot backlit by the sunset. I was his unpaid photog, obvi.

image (1)

Good thing we both wore our Docs. What a mess.


Dane(model) and Bryan(photographer) doing their thing. PS, they’re brothers!

I believe the final images make for interesting juxtaposition against the very unnatural nature of high-end fashion, and the hyper-digital world in which we operate our daily lives. Kind of ironic, for people as digital as we are to be so inspired by nature this month. Anyway, I hope that this artistic, less-commercial, freakier Solestruck Men’s project resonates with our shoe addicts. View the entire lookbook here!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.00.25 PM  ShoeDetail2



Much love,


(AKA Tha Illest Baby)