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You guys only carry crazy shoes.
If one more person tells me this…

As well as being a buyer for Solestruck, curating our selection with standards of upmost rigor (by “upmost rigor” I actually mean “whatever the hell we want”), I also dabble in the dark arts: creative direction on our monthly moodbooks. And because I play on both sides of the field, I had the opportunity to address something in our February men’s moodbook that I’ve been hearing too often as a buyer. Beyond our bread and butter of fearless men’s clients who wear shoes that defy gravity, shatter norms and define trends (oh how we love you guys) I am constantly told by men who don’t shop with us that we “only carry crazy shoes.”

I mean, yes, we love to plop a woman atop some 12-inch platforms, or force a man into contraptions that more closely resemble bear traps than shoes; there’s no denying the fact. Still, we are not a 1-trick pony. We are Whoopi Goldberg, you hear me? WHOOPI FREAKING GOLDBERG, WE ARE. One second we’re singing nuns, snatching Oscar awards, the next we’re hosting The View next to Elizabeth Hasslebeck. Solestruck Men’s has more to offer than one look, and this is what we set out to prove in #OOTD.

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Introducing our February men’s moodbook. Playing on the popularity of this ubiquitous hashtag, #OOTD is an exploration of the many prevalent styles in menswear fueled by interactive technology and social media. With the help of the amazing men’s boutiques hidden in Portland, we hope to have brought the Solestruck man a little more to life.


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