It all started with a ring. A ring that I wear every day. A sleek, light-as-a-feather, silver, two-finger, Surface to Air ring that I purchased for myself, completely unaware of the creative empire I was buying into.

There are some things I just manage to… miss… in life. I’m notoriously and unfortunately good at it. The Smiths, Sigourney Weaver, KEDS (for crying out loud….) and Surface to Air–all things I’m ashamed to say I was unaware of until somebody, somewhere in my adulthood, had to slap my wrists and give me a crash course. And in case I have to do such a thing for you, here’s the thing about Surface to Air:

Surface to Air isn’t simply a fashion brand. More accurately, it’s a coalition of creative minds that come together on projects ranging from fashion to video production, art direction and graphic design. Having worked with everyone from Louis Vuitton and Givenchy to Pharrell Williams and Justice, Surface to Air is a contemporary exhibition of the power of true creativity. I learned shortly after that the ring I’d purchased was just one of many two- and three-finger rings created by Surface to Air, coveted by thousands, and that alongside these rings were annual fashion collections (both menwear and womenswear) and even, lo and behold, footwear!

A brand we at Solestruck are honored to carry. Footwear with such authentic roots in original ideas and irresistible, current design–it’s a total piece of creative gold. After a short hiatus, the brand is back in full force–and boy are we on board.

Photo on 12-16-13 at 3.24 PM #3

That’s why I buy it.


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